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Chapter 29
Gah! Ugh... It's still dark...

I fell on a bicycle... Damn, I hate those kinds of dreams. They jolt me awake. I swear, this Eevee body's trying to give ME a heart attack.

I yawned as I rose into a sitting position and rubbed my eye with a paw. I looked up at the starry sky. Damn, the evenings here are beautiful than back on earth. Heh, probably because of the air and light pollutions back there.

The quiet noise of the stream, the evening black-n-blue hues of the twinkling night sky. Damn. I could stare at it forever.

“Awake already?”

I turned to Shock, who was seated by the pond.

I arched him an eyebrow. “I could ask the same to you.”

He just smirked at me before lying on his back and stared at the sky. What's up with him? I quietly rose into four and quietly walked out from the others. I sat beside the Pikachu and slowly lied on my back. Eh, it's not easy to lie on one's back if you're a four-legged creature. This damn Pikachu has an easy life...

“So...what's up?”

Shock shrugged. “The Hoothoots are noisy...”

I deadpanned while looking at the sky. “I could barely hear anything.”

Shock just chuckled, and sighed. “Nah, I just couldn't sleep, i's all.”

“Close your eyes and count some sheep.”


“Er... Mareeps. Yeah, Mareeps!” Darn, this world's too weird.

“ does that help?”

I sighed. “Forget it... Pretend I didn't say anything.”

We were quiet for a while before Shock broke it. “Can't sleep?”

“Not if my dreams give me heart attacks.”

Shock chuckled. “Yeah, those are annoying kinds of dreams. I remember this one dream of mine that a Snorlax rolled over me.”

I cringed. “Ouch.” What's even scarier is that it is possible to happen in this world! I'll dodge Lavender Town if Snorlaxes block the paths though.

Shock chuckled again. “Yeah...”

And we were quiet once again. I sighed with a smile as a cool breeze passed by.

“So...” I softly said, “ and Vixie, huh?”

“Huh?” Shock turned his head to face me. “What do you mean?”

I turned to him. “You know,” I gestured with my front paws. “You and her. Together.”

“...what?” his face turned red. “Wh-what?”

I shrugged. “Hey, no need to be shy about it. I mean, com'on,” I shrugged again and turned to the sky. “We're both guys. Back home, guys share stories and thoughts about girls.” My co-workers, at least. Damn, they complain too much. They should be thankful that they have a girl, for goodness' sake!

“What makes you think we're mates?”

“Hm... Well, you're over-protective of her around Lithe. That's one thing. And...” I turned back to him with a grin, “...that red face of yours is another thing.”

His red face went even redder and he quickly looked away from me. “Th-that's nonsense!”

I nodded. “Denial. Another thing. Three points now.” I snickered.

“Zip it,” he turned back to me with a glare. His face was still red though. “We're not mates, okay?”

“In the future, yes?”


“Sheesh, you're going to wake everyone up at that volume, Shocky~”

“Don't call me that,” he hissed with a glare for a few seconds before turning back to the sky and ‘hmp'ed’.

We were quiet once again for a few minutes until I sighed. Strange feelings of guilt from teasing him is eating my consciousness...

“Sorry...” I said, almost a whisper. “I guess I assumed too much...”

“If Saur were awake,” Shock said, “he'll tell you that that's our job.”

I chuckled, and so did he. “But seriously though. I'm curious here... You and Vixie are...?” I trailed off for him to fill.

“Just friends,” Shock finished. “Nothing wrong with friends looking out for each other, right?”

“Nah, but, seriously, the thought never occurred to you?”

“Just now, by the form of an Eevee.”

“Hah hah...”

He took a breath and sighed. “She's okay, I guess, but...”

Always a ‘but’...

“She's not really a Pikachu, now is she?”

“We can ask that human painter and paint her yellow.”

He chuckled.

“But...why only Pikachus?”

“I am one, for starters...”

“But...the magic-thingy... Wouldn't they be Pichus by now?”

He turned to me with an arched eyebrow. “Who are you talking to at the moment?”

Eheheh... “Good point.”

He looked back at the sky. “Why only Pikachus? I dunno... I'm not really attracted to other species... Anyway, I'm pretty sure that there are Pikachus back home.”

“Is that why you wanted to come with me to Kanto?”

He shook his head. “Not really. I mean,” he shrugged, “since you brought that up, it doesn't seem like a bad idea. I'm sure Saur and the others would understand.”

I frowned. One reason I wasn't so friendly back home is that I hate friends leave to continue with their lives. There are various technologies to keep in touch, but it's not the same as meeting them up again in person... I sighed.

“Sounds like you disagree...”

“Yeah, well,” I sighed and stared at the stars. “I just...don't like friends leaving... That's why I was...surprised that you guys considered me as a friend. Now I consider you guys as my friends, and I swear, I'm gonna be so f*cking hurt once I find a way to go home...”

“I still think you're not a human, and you just hit your head pretty hard and started believing in crazy stuff.”

“Gee...thanks...I guess?”

Shock chuckled. “But, let's say what you're saying is true...”

“Which definitely is.”

“ said you hate friends leaving friends. Friends leaving you... But can you leave your friends?”

I sighed as I closed my eyes. No I can't. “I'll...cross that bridge when I get there...”

“But since the bridge is not yet here, you need to learn to defend yourself.”

“Eh?” What a straaaaange shift of topic.

“That's why we agreed to come with you. You can barely do anything in the face of danger.”

I glared at him. “Hey! I threw Lithe in the water the first time I got there!” Exaggerated, I know. But com'on! I ain't that useless!

He nodded. “Uh huh... And...?”

My glare intensified. He doesn't believe me that I can defend myself? “And...! And... And... Uh...” Um... “I...tackled a Cyndaquil?”

Okay... I guess I really am a cute and defenseless Pokéfood...

“Okay, you win,” I admitted. “So I don't know how to fire some fire or zap lightning or shoot leaves... But I'm still here, right?” Yeah...I'm pathetic...

Shock just chuckled, and I felt really really sad at myself... “We'll let Vixie train you.”

I blinked. “Why her?”

He grinned. “You want Fay to teach you?”

My eyes grew wide. “No!”

Saur might be a good teacher... Then again...with his oh-so-mystical prophet-of-the-future like ways of talking, I doubt I can do anything new...

Shock seems to be too...assertive... He and Saur both rely on elemental attacks though... I can't manipulate the elements...

Vixie seems like a good candidate. And I'm not really that scared of her anymore.

I hate to do stuff that I don't like yet I'm forced to do. What's worse, I need to do these stuff to survive!

I sighed in defeat. “Fine... I'll let her teach me.”

“That's not yet final,” Shock said. “I'm not sure if she'll agree.”

Well, I hope not.

...wait... I'd be dead meat if I can't properly defend myself...

“I hope she will...” I whispered in defeat.

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