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My answer is I don't get how you think we're all the same.

The only way I can see it that way is the X&Y theme we have, e.g. my signature. But even then, not all mods currently have that, and it's a rather small aspect of who we actually are (it does not, for instance, impact on the posts themselves). Which isn't unusual, and supporters also have their own collabs.

But...the same pairs? The same VMs talking about rules? Not original in the slightest? I'm afraid you'd have to back that up with linked examples, as I do not see it. It's a rather vague broad statement, and having talked to a bunch of the other mods myself I really couldn't agree less with the last one in particular. And if this is just some joke crit, well... try to keep the crit in this thread serious, as it's not very helpful to anyone otherwise or can give the wrong impression.

And no, we don't hand out infractions like potato chips. (And besides, I prefer to eat mine :V). As Razor said in the other thread, if you have a complaint about an infraction you are always free to take it up with them in PM at the time.
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