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Originally Posted by Gym Leader Rozu View Post
You aren't original in the slightest! You are all the same person, which has been cloned and are now scattered all over the forum. Sure, some of you are very friendly and try to do your job, but with that comes a price...

Every profile I stalk all I see is moderators either telling people off or saying 'you have received an infractian but your pm box is full, thx,'. xD

You all have the same sprite-y signature's, you all share the same pairs and you all like the same things. So, what is up with that? Can I please get an answer? Was one of you abducted by an alien and cloned and then you decided to start a Pokemon Community with your fellow clones?

Since changing to this username, in August, I have given out one infraction. I have never seen or sent a 'PM box full' visitor message or anything similar either. Infractions are actually a rarity in day-to-day modding, I'm sure some others can back me up. We tend to warn with a yellow card of just drop a private PM for honest mistakes and first offenders.

We did, for October, have similar signatures and avatars as part of a collaboration. The same collabs you see supporters and normal members doing. As you can see now plenty of moderators and higher staff are moving away from the X/Y collab. So yeah, that point is pretty irrelevant.

All sharing the same pairs? Some mods are paired to each other, because they have been friends for years, some mods (like myself) have no pairs at all.

We definitely don't like the same things, I have disagreed with opinions on movies, music and D&D threads with multiple people, including moderators.

I'm not sure where your opinions come from, but this seems to stem from either (a) an infraction or (b) not actually talking or get to know any staff. At a glance we all look the same for having coloured names, it is up to you to actually find out who we are - the majority of us talk in discussion threads, GE and D&D threads with our own opinions and thoughts.

Do you have any ideas about what you would like moderators to be like? Rather than just saying what you think they are at the moment.

("Making posts at the same time" is a valid point though Darn ninjaing).
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