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Cool video! Looking forward to those hacks then as well; B/W 2 are awesome (PWT!).

Anyway, I'm still having trouble with Yin Black & Yang White. I tried two more different Europe roms (pre-patched) and I tried No$GBA, but I still can't open the Pokedex. Screen just goes black and game crashes. Anyone else having this problem? Btw, I'm still at Route 1, simply because I encountered the Pokédex problem.

EDIT: So far I had only tried Yang White, but the Pokedex does work on Yin Black!
EDIT2: Fixed it! Turns out it was just all my stupid fault; I picked Treecko and then proceeded to try and open my Pokedex while I hadn't caught or seen any Gen V pokemon yet, which obviously caused the game to crash. I'm now thoroughly enjoying playing this hack!
Well, it's just entertainment, folks!
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