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A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
Update 1:

Started as Male Trainer - Derren
Starter choices - Regirock, Yanma, Blastoise
Chose Blastoise as Starter
Beat May
Received Pokedex
Helped wally capture a Stantler
Captured Hariyama on Route 104
Saved Devon Researcher in Petalburg Woods
Defeated Roxanne Gym Leader - with Hariyama
Recieved Stone Badge 1/8
Rescued the Devon goods and saved Peeka in Rusturf Tunnel
Beat May a 2nd time.
Received the PokeNav and the Letter for Steven
Defeated Brawley with Blastoise but Hariyama died in Battle
Recieved Knuckle Badge 2/8
Captured a Muk inside Granite Cave
Gave Stephen his letter
Beat the Battle Tent in Slateport City
Delivered Devon Good to Capt Stern & thrashed Team Aqua
Captured Ursaring on Route 110
Received Acro Bike
Defeated Wally outside Mauville Gym
Defeated Windstrate family but lost my Ursaring to the Grandmas RayQuaza
Beat Watson and got the Dynamo Badge and Lost Muk 3/8
Captured a Marowak on Route 112

Current Team:

Blastoise Level 30:
Rapid Spin
Water Gun

Marowak Level 20:
Iron Tail
Tail Whip
Bone Club

Casualties : not going well so far but i still have Blastoise xD
Hariyama fell victim to Brawleys Feraligator
Ursaring fell victim to Grandma Windstrates RayQuaza (he used earthquake)
Muk Fell Victim to Watsons Stantler (Another Earthquake Victim)