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    Ah heck why not i will do this on my Y version...

    Name: TrollShammy80
    Game: Pokemon Y
    Extra Rules:
    Nickname All Pokemon
    Only Use Poke'balls
    No Doubles
    No using legendary Pokemon or catching

    So I did start it up a bit...

    1-Chose my starter randomly which ended up being Chespin, named him UBGliscor69
    2-Defeated Shuna easily
    3-Route 2 we captured a Fletchling called him Matt
    4-Santalune Forest Came up before I knew and there I got Pikachu named him Napalm
    5-Defeated Trainers in Santalune Forest and leveled up the 3 a bit
    6-Emerged from the Forest onto Route 3 where it took a few to find something not Fletchling or Pikachu i'm like come on already lol anyway finally something different showed, we obtained a Male Burmy naming him Kira
    7-No KOes at this point, upon reaching Santalune City, where I battled for my Skates and decide to see Route 22 where we Litleo was obtained, named Yuki


    Name: UGliscor69 (m)
    Level 10

    Name: Matt (m)
    Level: 9

    Name: Napalm (m)
    Level: 10

    Name: Kira (m)
    Level 8

    Name: Yuki (f)
    Level: 7

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