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Originally Posted by Sylphiel View Post
Two fake pokemon I made up, fire/grass types inspired by the Cinnamon Bird

The first stage. Tentatively calling it "Cinnamini" (for lack of a better name).
I love it I love it I love it I love it I loooooove it. If this was a real Pokémon then it'd be on my team every time without fail. I don't suppose you've tried spriting it? If so I'd love to see.

I really love the work you've posted so far, the realistic drawings are such a unique take on Pokémon and your own designs (especially the silver dragons) are just beautiful. I have no constructive comments to give as I've got no experience whatsoever in this field but I couldn't help commenting on how much I love this gallery. I'll be following for updates so can't wait to see what else you've been working on; though I would suggest trying out a darker/twisted theme for some of your dragons (especially cobalt dragon) as I think it'd suit them really well. Also can't wait to see half of them when/if they're finished with colour haha (again, especially cobalt dragon).

As a side note I'm enjoying the metallic dragon theme but I can't help but wonder what inspired it - was it just a random theme or something deeper to you?
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