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    Originally Posted by Varion View Post
    Heads up!! Non-Pokémon.

    Part of a college project, we're learning C++ to make something, our choice.
    I decided to go with a Text Based RPG, so here it is so far.

    For this, I've decided on the story approach already.

    You'll be playing a Demon from the Underworld. Gender and Element is your choice.
    Your mission is to restore darkness and shadows to the world, ever since heroes defeated the darkness many years ago.
    You'll be coming across many obstacles, and tough battle to restore darkness to the world.

    I'm think , when this is complete, to release a public version here on PC, if people want a TBRPG that is... :l

    This is a college project? This is all very basic.. cout and cin maybe a if/if else loop, some key press checks doesn't really seem college level, but anyways its a good start hope it works out for you

    Looks really cool, love the tiles and the character sprite