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    The Shimazu region is one of great diversity in climate, having forests, volcanos, beachfront, deserts, tundrass, and grassland. Originally a part of a Greater Johto (explaining its similar pokemon variety) , Shimazu split from the mainland in a catastrophic earthquake. Here is my basic setup: No pokemon past Gen. II
    Professor: Professor Cyprus, an expert in Pokemon Inter-species relations. An absent minded, disorganized, detached but kind hearted middle aged man with large, round glasses. Gives the player the Gen. II starter options.
    Starting town: Geradium Town, population 11

    Gym 1: Junager City
    A city of stars and wind. A natural place of peace and calm.
    Has a FIghting-type Gym.
    Gym Trainer: Youngster Hugo
    Pokemon 1: Machop, Lv. 9
    Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy
    Pokemon 2: Machop, Lv. 9
    Low kick, Leer, Focus energy

    Gym Leader: Joseph, the master of 10,000 martial arts. Fighting type.
    A human of incredible height wearing a loose jumpsuit
    Pokemon 1: Tyrogue, Lv. 10
    Tackle, Leer, Rocksmash
    Pokemon 2: Hitmontop, Lv. 13
    Rolling Kick, Focus energy, Pursuit

    Opening Statement: Hi, (name). Welcome. I am Joseph, fighting master! Ha! You have no badges, so you're going to be quick! Hurry up and lose already, I've got other matches waiting. Prepare yourself for an endless world of hurt!
    Defeat Statement: FIne then. You were lucky. Take the Strength Badge. Have this too. Its TM 08, Rock Smash. Its pretty self explanitory, but also lowers defense. Go and win, I'd be embarassed if you didn't get any more badges.

    Shimazu Region

    Gym 2: Felagon Town
    A small, secluded beachside settlement renowned for its medicine.
    Has a Water-Type gym.

    Gym Trainer: Swimmer Dylan
    Pokemon 1, 2, 3: Shellder, Lv 13 x3
    Withdraw, Tackle, Supersonic
    Gym Trainer: Swimer Felicia
    Pokemon 1: Psyduck, Lv 16
    Scratch, Tailwhip, Disable, Confusion
    Gym Trainer: Sailor Harold
    Pokemon 1: Remoraid, Lv 14
    Water Gun, Lock On, Swift
    Pokemon 2: Chinchou, Lv 15
    Water Gun, Thunder Wave, Supersonic, Flail

    Gym Leader: Sebastian, the mystic of the ocean. Water Type.
    A man sitting cross, legged, meditating. White hair, but young.
    Pokemon 1: Chinchou, Lv 17
    Water Gun, Thunder Wave, Supersonic, Bubble
    Pokemon 2: Slowpoke, Lv 18
    Tackle, Growl, Curse, Confusion
    Pokemon 3: Mantine, Lv 20
    Tackle, Bubble, Supersonic, Bubblebeam

    Opening Statement: Greetings, friend. I foresaw that our paths may meet some day. Though fate has told me otherwise, I must challenge you now. Perhaps you may further my career, and not the reverse.Now, friend, the power of Water!
    Defeat Statement: Very well. You have progressed in your journey. Take the Ocean Badge. You earned it. In addition, accept the gift of TM11, Bubblebeam. It is a personal favorite, lowering speed and dealing damage.

    Shimazy Pokemon Region additions

    Gym 3: Berngadi City
    The largest in Shimazu, Bengadi has many shops and a shady underground.
    Has a Ground-type Gym

    Gym Trainer: Worker Clay
    Pokemon 1: Rhyhorn, Lv 18
    Horn Attack, Tail Whip, Stomp
    Pokemon 2: Onix, Lv 18
    Tackle, Screech, Bind, Rock Throw
    Gym Trainer: Worker Henry
    Pokemon 1: Diglett, Lv 18 x2
    Scratch, Growl, Dig, Magnitude
    Gym Trainer: Manager George
    Pokemon 1: Dugtrio, Lv 23
    Tri Attack, Scratch, Dig, Magnitude
    Gym Trainer: Worker Tim
    Pokemon 1: Phanpy , Lv 19 x2
    Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl, Flail

    Gym Leader: Juniper, the master mining girl. Ground Type
    A girl, fifteen years of age, in a construction worker's beige outfit, holding a pickaxe.
    Pokemon 1: Onix, Lv 19
    Tackle, Screech, Rock Throw, Sandstorm
    Pokemon 2: Cubone, Lv 20
    Headbutt, Tail Whip, Bone Club, Leer
    Pokemon 3: Donphan, Lv 21
    Horn Attack, Earthquake, Flail, Defense Curl

    Opening Statement: This gym I inhereted from my father. My town's mines I inhereted from my father as well, and I fight and work because of him. I know he's watching this match in person today, and I won't fail him!

    Defeat Statement: I failed...I'm sorry Daddy. (Father comes in, comforts Juniper) If he doesn't believe I failed him, then take this, the Burrow Badge. I want you to take TM26, Earthquake, as well. Use it to break the toughest enemies!

    Gym 4: Sarpedon Island
    An island unlike any other, Sarpedon has three inactive volcanos, each with a cave system underneath, and is known for its tourism industry. Also known as Volcano Island. Has a Fire-Type Gym.

    Gym Trainer: Blacksmith Richard
    Pokemon 1: Slugma, Lv 20 x3
    Smog, Ember, Harden
    Gym Trainer: Blacksmith James
    Pokemon 1: Magmar, Lv 22
    Ember, Smog, Leer, Fire Punch
    Pokemon 2: Flareon, Lv 22
    Tackle, Tailwhip, Ember, Quick Attack
    Gym Trainer: Blacksmith Randy
    Pokemon 1: Rapidash, Lv 25
    Ember, Stomp, Fire Spin, Tailwhip
    Gym Trainer: Blacksmith Ezekiel
    Pokemon 1: Growlithe, Lv 21
    Bite, Roar, Ember, Takedown
    Pokemon 2: Vulpix, Lv 23
    Ember, Quick Attack, Roar, Confuse Ray

    Gym Leader: Rutherford, the iron guardian of Volcano Island. Fire Type.
    A bald and older but still strong blackmsith with a graying mustche and a hamer in hand. Wearing gloves and a leather apron.
    Pokemon 1: Slugma, Lv 25
    Smog, Ember, Harden, Amnesia
    Pokemon 2: Ninetails, Lv 26
    Ember, Protect, Roar, Quick Attack
    Pokemon 3: Charmeleon, Lv 26
    Ember, Smokescreen, Fire Punch, Rage
    Pokemon 4: Magmar, Lv 28
    Fire Punch, Ember, Fire Blast, Leer

    Opening Statement: Hello there, (name). Did you see the Volcanos and their caverns? Thats not what you came here for? Did I forge you anything? No? You must want my badge then. Are you ready to face the fire for it? Get ready, now!

    Defeat Statement: I gave it my best, and lost. So the torch is passed down to the next fiery soul. Here is the Forge Badge. I make them myself. Oh, here's my favorite fighting move, Fire Blast, in its TM38 form. Take it, and use it. It'll burn just about anything.