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Chapter 32
I sat in front of our group, while my friends are behind me, chatting with themselves. I was enjoying the scenery, despite how slow we were moving. Though we weren't really that slow. We were still within the herd, or rather, outside the herd, but we're keeping up. The thunderous hooves kept echoing to my ears. It hurted my ears earlier, but I guess I got used to it now.

Tall greeny hills on the north, a forest on the south. The sun was high up, but the wind was cool and breezy here. There were also lots of flying types soaring up high, matching the speed of the herd.

Suddenly, a weird electrical hum echoed louder than the Tauroses' hooves. It was coming from behind, and I worriedly look back. There was a tall and whitish barrier-like wall moving towards us.

“What the—?” I asked, but stopped myself as it cut through the herd.

It stopped behind a Tauros, and it looked like it was slowly pushing the Tauros aside. When the Tauros did budge away, the barrier continued moving in a fast pace, only stopping to move a Tauros out of its way.

I sighed in relief. At least it wasn't cutting Tauroses in half.

“Oh, oh!” Fay chirped, and I curiously turned to her. She was staring back at where the barrier-wall-thingy had come from.

I haven't seen the Great Wall of China, but damn, this wall is long!

“The human fast-moving-thingy's coming!”

I blinked at Fay. “Uh... The...Magnet Train?”

“Oh yeah,” Fay turned to me with a smile. “You did tell us it was called a train!” She then turned back. “Oh, oh! The human train is coming!” least she didn't say the ‘human centipede’... I cringed... “Drop the human, Fay. It's called a train. Nothing more...”

“But humans made it, right?” she asked.

Damn... I lose... “Eh... Well, yeah, but...”

“A human train it is!” she proclaimed.

I sighed in defeat. “Yes, yes it is...” I then turned to my more sensible companions. “But what's the wall for?”

Vixie smiled. “Just one example that not all humans are bad.”

The other three nodded their heads in agreement.

Eh? I arched an eyebrow. “I...don't fol—” I cut myself off when I noticed a long black train from far away, traveling fast, and inside the barrier-like walls.

I blinked and turned to see the tracks. Even though the Tauroses blocked it, there were a few gaps were I managed to take a glimpse, and confirmed my thoughts: the barrier was raised around the tracks so Pokémon won't get hit by the train.

The Magnet Train sped its way through my vision, and the Tauroses didn't even seem to mind. A few seconds after the train passed by, the barrier-like walls started to lower and disappear.

I blinked again. “Wow. Don't see that everyday.”

Mr. Tauros suddenly started laughing wholeheartedly. “I heard the same line from an Eevee a month or two ago... I gave her a lift to Kanto as well.” He paused to chuckle. “So, I take it that you're a human as well?”

I blinked as I stared at the back of his head. Was I hearing things. I turned to my friends to confirm that I wasn't hearing anything. Eh, they were looking mighty surprised as well.

I turned back to Mr. Tauros in puzzlement. “I'm a...what now?”

“Oh? You're a secretive type, then?” he chuckled. “So I take it you're heading to Kanto to go and see this Bill fellow, right?”

“ I repeating a repeated journey here or something?”

Mr. Tauros simply shrugged. “You could say that. I still don't believe it, but who am I to judge? I've seen and heard stranger things in my lifetime.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Even...stranger things that a human turning into an Eevee?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Shock cut Mr. Tauros' attempt to reply. “Are you saying that there's ANOTHER crazy Eevee, thinking he used to be a human, who is in Kanto, and already looking for a way back?!”

Mr. Tauros nodded. “The first two parts, yes.” He shrugged. “No idea about the last two. Sorry...”

Shock shook his head in irritation and scratched his head as he looked like he was going to suffer with a very painful headache. “I'm going to have a headache...”

...well, that was redundant.

“And that Eevee was a ‘she’, by the way.”


“A strong lass, very bright and cheerful, but very talkative.” Dunno why, but I strangely felt that Mr. Tauros started grinning. “You two would make a fine couple, no?”

“A crazy couple, yep!” Fay chirped and giggled.

I turned and glared at her. Saur tried, but failed as he chuckled.

Vixie grinned. “So that's why you wanted to go to Kanto so badly.”

I intensified my glare and aimed it at her. “I hate all of you.”

“Ah, so you're after her?”

I poked his back with a sharp nail.

“Ow! Hey! Watch it!”

“Zip it and I'll watch it!” I hissed, and Mr. Tauros chuckled.

“Ah, young love. Ow!”

“Jay,” Shock called, and I turned to him. “Focus. There's another one just like you?”

“Same specie, different gender,” Fay chirped, and I hit her head. “Ow!”

I turned back to Shock. “If what Mr. Tauros says...” I paused to glare at the giggling Fay, “ true, then yes, I guess?”

“Do you kow her?”

I deadpanned. “Ask Vixie. She's the mind-reader in this group.”

“Hah hah...” she deadpanned.

I returned to Shock. “Anyway, no. I didn't even know about it until now!”

Shock nodded. “So she's been there for a month now, or more. Maybe she knows something more about what happened to you...” he brought a hand to his chin as he hummed in thought.

I tilted my head to the side. “I...thought you don't believe me and my crazy story.”

“If a map has one cave, I'll start wondering why there are two caves.”

I arched an eyebrow. “I...don't understand what you just said.”

“Neither do I,” Shock said, still looking serious. “I just thought it sounded cool.”

I deadpanned...hard.

“Anyway, we should probably go and look for her as well.”

“If she's still in Kanto,” I pointed out. “And even if she is, I'm still going to Pallet to look for Bill.”

“Pallet?” Mr. Tauros asked. “Pallet Town?”

“Yeah? That's what I said...” I replied. “Something wrong?”

He just shrugged, and turned his head to the herd. “Oi! What's that human town called again? The one the humans call Pallet?”

“Seaside!” a few voices replied back.

Seaside? Well, I guess that's kinda logical, since the town is close to the shore, in the game, at least.

Mr. Tauros shouted his thanks and looked ahead. “That's close to where the herd is going.”

I nodded with a smile. “Sweet! How long 'till we get there?”

“Three days if there won't be any storm to stop us.”

My smile faded. “I'm...starting to consider going back to Goldenrod...”

Mr. Tauros chuckled. “What? That cheese city?”

“See?” Fay chirped. “I told you!”

I sighed. “Whatever,” I turned back to Shock and...he was still thinking deeply about this. “Shock? You okay?” he just nodded. “What's up with you? So what if there's another one like me?”

“Different gender! Ow!”

I'm strangely starting to like hitting Fay's skull... Anyway, I glared at her before turning back to Shock. “So what if there's another one like me? It's not like it's going to help in anything...right?”

“He likes mysteries,” Saur said. “And he'll try to piece everything together to make sense of it.”

Eh? “Can't you just tell yourself that I'm crazy and go with it?”

Shock shook his head. “Can't if there are two same cases...”

I sighed. “Fine. I'll let you have your little detective work.”

“So,” Fay chirped, catching my annoyed attention. “When you meet her, you're gonna ask her to be your mate?”

“What's with you and mates, Fay?” I asked in annoyance. “Are you looking for one?”

She giggled. “Maaayyybbbeee,” she sang.

“Well, I'm not applying.” I don't think I'd want to be with you, anyway. Heck, I'm not into furries. That's beastiality, and I'm not into that sort of thing.

“Why not?” Vixie teased with a grin. “You two look good together.”

“Hah hah hah...” I glared at her. “I'm a human, and you guys are an—Pokémon!”

Mr. Tauros suddenly chimed in. “I once heard a human and a Gardevoir having se—”

“NOT LISTENING!” I pinned my ears to my head as my friends started chuckling, except for Shock, who looked green and horrified.

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