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    Originally Posted by MasterCade View Post
    Username: MasterCade
    Game: Black 2 although i can't find the ROM for the game.
    All Favorites Listed
    Ah, sorry for the delay! Try Fire, Flying, Water, Rock, Psychic, and Dark. Enjoy! ^-^

    Aaaaaaaand, it's update time! First update brings us to three badges. Details in the spoiler:
    • Tried to put the game in Challenge Mode, but I learned a bit late that erasing the file also erases the keys. Should've transferred them first. >_< Oh well, I changed the battle style to Set.
    • Started with Oshawott and did all the normal beginning stuff.
    • Oh yeah, I also hacked in the four pokémon unavailable in this game. All are at level 2 and were temporarily boxed. The plan is to take them out one at a time, after winning a badge.
    • Caught Riolu at Floccesy Ranch and took on the rival in a pretty good battle.
    • Found the Herdier at the ranch, training up Riolu in the process.
    • Returned to Aspertia and challenged Cheren in a gym battle. Riolu was able to take care of Patrat and do some damage to Lillipup. Oshawott finished up, thanks to the help of an oran berry. And so, we won the first badge of the journey - the Basic Badge! ^-^

    • With one badge earned, I get a prize - the first of the boxed pokémon. So I took Treecko out (ehehe, not the best choice for the next gym, but I'm taking them out in order).
    • Made it to Virbank and went to explore the Virbank Complex. Got our first blackout to a pair of wild magnemite, haha! The team wasn't in the best of conditions. All to get that tiny mushroom too...
    • Did a bit of training at the complex and Oshawott evolved into Dewott! Once everyone was at level 17, we went to challenge Virbank Gym.
    • Roxie was a bit tough. Riolu managed to take out Koffing somehow. I think I might have had Treecko use Leer and/or Riolu use Work Up. Anyways, Riolu was able to paralyze Whirlipede with Force Palm before he went down. I sent out Treecko, who was able to Leer it twice before fainting. With the paralysis, lowered defense, and the help of a held pecha berry, Dewott was able to knock out Whirlipede with little trouble, winning us badge #2 - the Toxic Badge! ^-^

    • And with the second badge comes another pokémon from the box - Shellder!
    • Also, we did the PokéStar Studios stuff.
    • We returned to Virbank and took care of the Team Plasma goons.
    • Then our inner star shone forth back at the studios again. Gathered quite a few lemonades, moomoo milks, and other stuff. Also, Treecko became a strange movie star for the "Brycen-Man" movie while Riolu got the strange star from "Mystery Doors of the Magical Land 1."
    • Okay, okay, we'll move on. A short boat ride later, we disembarked at Castelia. After exploring the city and what we could of Route 4, we went down into the sewers and kicked out Team Plasma with Hugh. Also checked out the Relic Passage, where Riolu evolved into Lucario!
    • At the Castelia Gym, we challenged Burgh. Treecko Leered his swadloon and then switched out for Shellder. After taking a Razor Leaf, he was able to defeat Swadloon in one round with a five-hit Icicle Spear. I think that was the first time he got five hits from it! Anyways, Burgh sent out his ace, Leavanny, next. I switched out for Lucario and used Work Up. This was followed by a pretty long round of Return and Razor Leaf, with both of us using a healing item. Leavanny finally went down, giving out a huge chunk of experience. And Dwebble came out last. Force Palm did a good amount of damage, but I returned for Dewott to give him some experience. A Water Gun ended the battle with us earning the Insect Badge! ^-^

    The team so far (right after Castelia Gym):

    CharacteristicAlert to soundsHighly curiousLikes to thrash aboutQuick to flee
    AbilityTorrentInner FocusOvergrowShell Armor
    ItemMystic WaterScope LensEvioliteQuick Claw
    MovesRazor ShellForce PalmAbsorbIcicle Spear
    Water GunReturnCutReturn
    ReturnWork UpPursuitSupersonic
    Fury CutterCopycatLeerLeer

    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)