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Ehh, I don't really know how to feel about Luvdisc. I mean, it definitely has a cute design, and I actually really liked the idea of having a heart-shaped Pokemon. But sadly, the design is the only thing I could really see people liking about the Pokemon. It definitely doesn't have any traits aside from the heart scales that I could really see to be interesting, its performance in battle is especially not something to be amazed by, and generally, it's just down there. Well, that's at least what I've been able to deduce from the one time I actually used one, along with every other opinion I've ever heard about the Pokemon :p

One thing I'm very disappointed by however, is the huge opportunity to actually make it somewhat useful they let down, by not making it evolve into Alomola! I mean, despite not having a clue what Luvdisc is actually supposed to be, they both have similar shapes, and literally everyone and their mother has been pointing it out :p Admittedly, I don't have a clue whether Alomola is good or not, but it definitely hasn't gotten the same amount of hate Luvdisc has, so I imagine it to be an improvement in any case ;)
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