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Almost there! So close, I can taste it!

October 27, 2013

Dream World: Galvantula. Found: Bagon that can use Outrage! That’s the last Pokémon I needed to find in the Rugged Mountain area. Just one last Pokémon to find in this part of the Dream World! We also found a female Dunsparce with the ability Rattled.
Dream World 2: Heracross. Found: female Krookodile with the ability Anger Point.

I did some more training with Pelipper and Golduck at Alex’s Colosseum, followed by some special meals at Bistro Leah. I’m pretty much satisfied with Pelipper’s training; we just need to finish up a little more with Golduck.

October 28, 2013

Dream World: Eelectross. Found: nothing new; female Larvitar with the ability Sand Veil.
Dream World 2: Pinsir. Found: nothing new.

October 29, 2013

Early in the morning, I took Golduck to Dragonspiral Tower to finish up its training. Then I trained the rest of the team on Route 23, and then retired Steelix, Weavile, and Tropius.

Dream World: Accelgor. Found: nothing new; female Abra with the ability Magic Guard.
Dream World 2: Volcarona. Found: Durant that can use Thunder Fang.

October 30, 2013

Dream World: Serperior. Found: nothing new; Mantine that knows Mirror Coat.
Dream World 2: Seviper. Found: Krookodile that knows Counter.

I was hanging out at the Pokémon Center with Grimer, Pelipper, and Golduck, deciding what to do next. I do still have a half dozen Pokémon left to train, but then I came to a decision. I’m going to search for Kyurem!

October 31, 2013

Dream World: Simisage. Found: nothing new; female Aipom with the ability Skill Link.
Dream World 2: Heatmor. Found: nothing new.

I called Professor Juniper and asked her to send me some friends I haven’t seen in about a year. She transferred my Joltik and Karrablast over to me! Both looked healthy and extremely excited to travel with me again. Along with my Grimer, Pelipper, and Golduck, these Pokémon will form my core team for the remainder of my journey through Unova. The last spot I will rotate among the handful of Pokémon I have left to train. To start, I had Jigglypuff sent to me.

As I did some training with them, I decided to work on a new move with Golduck. Focus Blast will give it a little variety, and should work well for it being a special-based fighting-type move.

And after a little more training, I figured Halloween was the perfect night to break out a Moon Stone. I gave it to Jigglypuff so it could evolve into Wigglytuff!

“Wigglytuff, the Balloon Pokémon, and the evolved form of Jigglypuff. Wigglytuff can expand their bodies by inhaling air. Their fine fur feels so pleasant, those who accidentally touch them cannot take their hands away.”

295. Wigglytuff

November 1, 2013

Since I’m off from work today, I decided to get an early start on Pokémon training. After a little more work with Wigglytuff, I sent it to Professor Juniper for retirement, and then had her send Lickitung to me. By late morning, not only has Joltik been able to take its Hidden Power and refine it to learn Energy Ball, but my Lickitung evolved into a Lickilicky as well!

“Lickilicky, the Licking Pokémon, and the evolved form of Lickitung. Lickilicky have a long tongue that is always soggy with slobber. Their saliva contains lots of components that can dissolve anything, as well as a solvent that causes numbness. The numbness caused by their lick does not dissipate.”

296. Lickilicky

After more training, I was able to finish up with Lickilicky, and then traded it for my Yanma.

Dream World: Zebstrika. Found: nothing new; Spheal that knows the move Fissure.
Dream World 2: Tangrowth. Found: female Karrablast with the ability No Guard.
Alola Pokédex: Seen 46 Obtained 38
Melemele Pokédex: Seen 46 Obtained 38
Pokédex Go: Seen 129 Obtained: 121
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