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    First thing you need to choose Charmander so your gonna go through with Suicune, Squirtle ? So beat the beast Raikou, And if you choose Bulbasaur so you can only encounter Entei,

    So first thing you need shiny Suicune, So first beat the league then going to 1 Island is correct so head there. Then help fixing the Machine, then go to Vermilion city and then go to any route connect with it (Or you can also go to other routes but avoiding Caves, tunnels, ,Power Plant, Safari Zone,Cinnabar Mansion will be not waste cause there aren't any chance catching the Dogs in these listed places) then just start walking in a random route then if nothing happen, so just take an action reply then walk to number of steps that the Action reply work of. Then start walking again then maybe maybe if you had some luck so you will catch it. But not sure that you will get a Shiny. just try this until you found it. And if you had enough luck so its possible to have a Shiny Dog. It can't be said that walking like this can give you a Shiny Pokemon but there aren't any way accepting cheat. And maybe doing this thing can't give you a Shiny but if you don't gonna give up so maybe you will able to catch a normal Dog. just try and don't give up ! (And remember if you want a Suicune so choose Charmander as starter.)

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