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I think I'll likely be saying good-bye to Unova after this weekend. We'll see!

November 2, 2013

I went back to the Nimbasa City Sports Domes to train my team, and my Yanma evolved into Yanmega!

“Yanmega, the Ogre Darner Pokémon, and the evolved form of Yanma. Yanmega have incredible jaw power. They battle by biting apart foes while flying by at high speed.”

297. Yanmega

Dream World: Leavanny. Found: nothing new; female Wobbuffet with the ability Telepathy.

I finished training Yanmega, rotated it out for Carnivine, and then trained awhile with Carnivine also. Once I was done with Carnivine, I swapped it out for my Croagunk. I also received a few more medals!

Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 95/126
New Medals:
Normal-type Catcher
Flying-type Catcher
Bug-type Catcher

I spent the afternoon battling and training near Lacunosa Town, and my Croagunk evolved into Toxicroak!

298. Toxicroak

I trained more with it then sent it to Professor Juniper for retirement. I then had her send my last Pokémon that needs to be trained. Together with my five shiny Pokémon, I plan on using this Pokémon to help me catch Kyurem, and complete the Unova Pokédex. I received the Premier Ball the professor transferred me, so it’s time to train my Larvitar!

But first, I had a few more medals to accept towards the Medal Rally.

Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 97/126
New Medals:
Fighting-type Catcher
Poison-type Catcher

I started to explore the Giant Chasm, which has become much colder than the last time I was here. I wonder if that means that Kyurem has returned? After a short while, my Larvitar evolved into Pupitar!

“Pupitar, the Hard Shell Pokémon, and the evolved form of Larvitar. Pupitar have bodies as hard as bedrock. They fly around wildly by venting with great force the gas pressurized inside their bodies.”

299. Pupitar

Then, I returned to the Pokémon Center for a little Pokémon break and for some dinner. I gave my Pokéballs to Nurse Joy, and I was awarded yet another medal.

Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 98/126
New Medals:
Ground-type Catcher

Dream World 2: Mienshao. Found: female Durant with the ability Truant.

During our exploration on the Giant Chasm, my Golduck learned a new move! Instead of the physical Zen Headbutt, it learned to use Psyshock instead, making better use of its stronger special attack, yet still dealing physical damage.

A short while later, Golduck also learned Amnesia! This rounds out its movepool with a defensive move. Golduck has come a long way in a short time! It’s a shame that I won’t have more time with it as my Unova journey is coming to an end.
Alola Pokédex: Obtained 74 Seen 86
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