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Chapter 33
It's been two days now. Only one more day, and the Tauroses will finally be able to reach their destination. Wherever that is.

During the past two days, our little group did little to pass the time. Most of our time was spent talking, admiring the scenery, and then talking. The Tauroses also pauses for a short while two times in a day. The first is a quick less-than-twenty minutes for lunch, and four or six hours of sleep.

The nights were freaking cold, especially on the second day, since we were now traveling on green mountains. At first, when the herd started climbing the elevated path, I was awestruck at how beautiful and green the mountains were. It even had so many trees, unlike back home.

But the nights. Oh god, the nights were too freaking cold! I assured them that my Eevee body's fur will keep me warm at night. In the end however, I swallowed a bit of my pride and inserted myself in between my friends, who were closely huddled together to share their body warmth. It felt really weird at first, but over time, I got used to it.

...but I'm just not going to sleep beside Fay nor Shock. The Rattata has a nasty habit of kicking while sleeping, and she mumbles. The Pikachu drools! Eek!

Saur was okay, but his skin felt really really weird though. It felt like scales, but he's not covered by scales. I dunno. It just crept me out.

Vixie was great to sleep with. And no, I don't mean anything beyond that! She snores, like, very loud, but she's so warm... I guess that's one good thing for being a fire type.

So, on the first night, I was between Fay and Vixie. Second was in between Shock and Vixie. No offense to Saur. Thankfully, he doesn't mind.

Unfortunately, Fay got the idea of teasing me of wanting to be with Vixie more. Sigh... Thankfully, Vixie was also getting annoyed by her when the Rattata teases the two of us. But it's kinda weird that the Vulpix was blushing whenever Fay teases us. But meh, I've seen a few animé where character faces turn red when they're getting annoyingly angry at someone.

Anyway, it was a bright and peaceful morning, and the herd were still moving on a flat plane on the mountain range. We're probably on the border of Kanto and Johto now. There was a very tall mountain up north though, and I think that was the mountain where the Ice Tunnel is located. Or was it Ice Path? Ice Cave? Bleah, whatever.

Wait, that means we're still in Johto then. And that means Blackthorn's close by. Wow, the last gym of the Johto region's a dragon master. I wonder how she's handling her devolved Pokémon... But eh, Clair's a tough chick. I'm sure she's handling things well.

And...I'm bored as heck as I lied on my belly, my head boringly lying on Mr. Tauros' head.

“Are we there yet...?” I asked as a form of an ice-breaker joke.

Unfortunately, my current company didn't get it.

“Nope,” Mr. Tauros replied. “We'll get there by tomorrow afternoon.”

I sighed once again out of boredom. “Tell everybody we're on our way~” I sang quietly, but it strangely made me feel a bit...not bored. “New friends and new places to see~” I continued, a bit louder as I slowly rose up.

“Oh! Oh!” Fay chirped, “Jay's singing!”

Shock groaned. “Oh, please no...”

I smiled as I turned to them. “With blue skies ahead, yes, we're on our way~ And there's nowhere else that we'd rather beeee~” I prolonged as I extended a paw to my side while I close my eyes to feel the lyrics.

“Tell everybody we're on our way~” Fay suddenly sang, quite loud yet beautiful.

I blinked at her as she stood on two hind legs. Saur and Vixie were smiling, heads bobbing, while Shock shook his head in annoyance.

“And I'm loving every step we take~” she continued.

“The Tauroses are doing the step-taking,” Shock mumbled.

Saur suddenly cleared his throat. “With the sun beating down, yes we're on our way~”

Vixie brought a paw to her chest. “And we can't keep these smiles off our face~”

“-ses,” Fay chirped and then giggled as I suddenly noticed the stomps of the Tauroses were rhythmic to the song. Do they know this song or something?

“'Cause there's nothing like seeing each other again~” the herd sang, their different voices blending together harmonically. “No matter what the distance between~”

“And the stories that we tell will make 'em smile~” a few Pokémon who rode the Tauroses sang along. “Oh, it really lifts our—”

“—hearts~” I joined along.

Everybody suddenly joined in on the chorus, minus Shock. That killjoy...

“So tell 'em all we're on our way~”

Fay and I smiled at each other. “New friends and new places to see~”

Vixie and Saur smiled at each other. “And to sleep under the stars, who could ask for more~?”

The four of us smiled at each other as the rest joined in. “With the moon keeping watch over meeee~”

“Not the snow—”

“Not the rain—”

“Can change our minds~”

Fay soloed, “The sun will come out, wait and see~”

I poked Shock to join as I soloed, “And the feeling of the wind in our face—”

“-ses,” Fay chirped as he slapped my paw away.

“—can lift our hearts~” I continued and smiled nonetheless as I turned to my other smiling friends.

Vixie soloed, “Oh, there's nowhere we would rather beeee~” She then inhaled and smiled at us.

“'Cause we're on our way now~” Saur sang as we bobbed our heads with the song.

“Well and truly~” the Tauroses sang as I poked Shock again.

“We're on our way now~” the Pidgeys sang as they flew overhead.

I was about to whistle when I thought if it was possible for me to even whistle. To my surprise, Shock whistled the whistling part of the song. I turned to him with a grin, and he shot me a glare as he continued whistling.

Suddenly, after the whistling part, the Tauroses stomped audibly and rhythmically along the song. A few even joined in by clapping their hands and paws.

Suddenly, I felt that flare inside me when we're close to ending a very good presentation. I smiled as I stared at my friends' smiling, and one frowning, faces.

Everybody sang as one, “Tell everybody we're on our way~ And we just can't wait to be there~”

“Just can't wait to be there~”

“With blue skies ahead, yes, we're on our way~ And nothing but good times to share~”

I continued singing, “So tell everybody we're on my way~” but a bit surprised that they made me solo the lines, but I continued anyway. “And I just can't wait to be home~”

I turned and smiled at my friends, but I can't help but notice Vixie's sad frown, which she quickly changed into a smile.

I continued the song, albeit a bit reluctant. “With the sun beating down, yes we're on our way~” I gestured with my paws for my friends to join.

“And nothing but good times to show~”

The Tauroses then sang, “We're on our waaaaayyy~”

This time, I made sure Shock joins us. “Yes, we're on our waaayyy~~~”

A lot of Pokémon suddenly cheered as I felt the strange happy, cheery and energized atmosphere in the herd. Mr. Tauros chuckled wholeheartedly as Fay and the others poked Shock to smile.

But... Vixie's frown earlier... That line I soloed...


Vixie chuckled as she turned from Shock to me, and she smiled.

I tried to smile back. Hopefully, it was good enough. And it was, as Fay chuckled away from Shock and hopped in front of me and started nuzzling my neck again.

“That was a great song, Jay!”

“Um...Fay...” Vixie chuckled. “You paralyzed him.”

Saur chuckled at that.

Yep, I was... My breath even stopped as I felt how hot my cheeks were.

“Oh!” Fay pulled back and smiled sheepishly. “Whoops!”

Shock grinned at me. Darn, I can't glare at him...

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