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    Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
    I believe that term would be used by Indigenous peoples to describe the colonisation of Australia in 1788. It wasn't a military invasion like you seem to be confused about, but we pretty much killed huge numbers of Aboriginals through disease and violence, claimed their lands, pretty much enslaved them, later began to take away their children and tried to forcefully integrate them into white society or let them die out. The state of Tasmania (the little island at the bottom) had a genocide where we marched troops across it and killed all the natives. Yay. Aborigines had no rights until the 60's. Therefore they term the First Fleet as an "Invasion" because that's essentially what we did, came in and stole their lands. Pretty much what you Americans did to native Americans :D
    Yes, but we made pretty terms like Manifest Destiny! We even gave a cool name to the mass relocation of Natives - the Trail of Tears.
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