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Originally Posted by Rezilia View Post
I didn't say it was a military exercise.

From what I heard, the first Australian colonists were all prisoners DUMPED THERE by England. So can you really blame them - prisoners/criminals - for doing absurdly terrible acts? Well, sure you can - but England is more to blame because those criminals wouldn't have Manifest Destiny'd Australia if not for England dumping them there.

See my point?
Yes, although it wasn't just the criminals who performed atrocities against Aborigines, it was the power structure of white settlers who authorised and condoned such activity through the use of the Royal Marine Guards, free settlers etc. So yes blame England, although it was common behaviour for all nations of European descent to treat the native population brutally all over the world, Africa, South East Asia, America etc. You can call imperialism an invasion of the undiscovered world, as it sorta was.
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