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Chapter 34
The sun already passed its zenith by the time the herd reached the base of the mountain path. The green plateau was like a paradise compared to the dirty urban jungles of buildings and skyscrapers I had back home.

The wind felt cool, and fresh, and soothing. And oh, there were maybe six or seven tents by the edge of the plateau. And sure enough, humans were around the tents, ranging from random ages. A few adults wore white coats while the younger ones wore assorted kinds of colorful clothing. There were three empty and yellow school buses as well. A field trip, maybe?

I suddenly felt like fleeing away, but the herd moved on to the middle, where the grass were taller and greener. I turned to my friends, and they looked ready to flee as well.

“They're here!” a young feminine voice squealed from afar.

I turned back and saw the young humans rising up in two and stared at the moving herd with wide smiles. My ears drooped. ...It kinda feels strange to call them humans...

“Why are there other Pokémon on the Tauroses' backs?” a teenager asked.

A few of the adults walked behind the small line of the human audience.

“They took advantage of the Tauroses migrating here from Johto.”

“Well,” Mr. Tauros said as he sat down on his belly, “good luck on finding your long-lost mate, kid. Ow!”

I poked his back with my sharp nail as my friends started climbing down. I then hopped down and turned as Mr. Tauros said his farewell and moved elsewhere, leaving our group together with the other Pokémon who took a ride. The voices behind me ranged from concern to assurance.

“Whoa!” a voice said from the humans' direction. A teenaged boy walked forward, eyes bright and determined, and his grin was directed at me. “An Eevee!” He pulled out a Pokéball from his belt, and I took a step back as fear suddenly washed over me.

“Jonathan!” a female adult shouted, making the teenager wince and slowly turn towards her. “Need I remind you that we are all here to learn more about the Tauroses, NOT to catch any wild Pokémon!”

“B-b-but...!” he tried to argue with a losing voice, “t-that's an Eevee! And Eevees are rare!”

The female adult adjusted her eyeglasses as she fixed him a glare. “And so are you grades if you won't earn a passing grade from the report you're suppose to write from this field trip!”

The teenager winced one more as a few ‘students’ chuckled at him.

I let out a big sigh of relief, and I suddenly felt someone patting me on the back.

“Someone's popular,” Shock snickered.

I glared at him. “Shut up!”

“Thanks,” we heard Saur's voice. It sounded like he was a bit far from us. The four of us turned and saw Saur walking to us from a group of Pidgeys. “They said that Seaside's that way,” he turned to a direction, which was towards the humans. He blinked. “Hope they won't be a problem.”

“I sure hope so,” I whispered as we heard lots of eager footsteps from that direction.

I turned in time to see small kids running towards us. They stopped a few feet from us, and I pulled Shock in front of me as my shield.

“H-hey!” the Pikachu gasped as the children chuckled.

I poked an eye out and saw the children knelt down to see us better.

“That Eevee's a shy one,” a boy chuckled.

“Papa said that they're rare,” a girl said as I noticed that they don't have anything to protect themselves from us.

Fay suddenly jumped in front of them. “Hai! Please don't cause any trouble, 'k?”

“Fay! What are you doing?!” I shouted as a kid suddenly petted her head.

“Jay,” Vixie called, and I turned to her. She had an arched eyebrow. “Why are you so afraid of humans if you were once one?”

Shock finally pulled himself away from my grasp, and I fell on the soft grassy ground, face-first.

“It means that he probably just made it up,” Shock hissed as I pulled myself back up.

“I just don't wanna be captured,” I answered quietly. “I don't wanna go around places with a stupid trainer and ordering me around,” I gestured with a paw. “And keeping me away from home.”

Vixie blinked. “Is...that all?”

“Yes?” I replied reluctantly. “Why?”

She slowly shook her head and turned to Fay. I turned to her as well and saw that the kids were pulling her from Saur's viney-grip.

“Well, it makes sense, I guess...” Vixie replied as Shock stepped in front and threatened the kids to zap 'em. The children immediately lets go of Fay and ran back to their campsite, frightened and tearful.

“You okay, Fay?” Shock asked.

Fay jumped in all fours and smiled at him. “That was fun! Anyway, what was your question again?”

Shock sighed. “Never mind...” He then turned to Vixie and I. “Come on, let's go. We can probably go around the humans though.”

I arched him an eyebrow. “You're not planning on jumping off a cliff, right?”

Shock raised a hand to counter, but no words came out from his opened mouth. He instead just fixed me a glare as Vixie and Saur chuckled.

“Let's just check it out and see how to get down,” Saur said. “And yes, walking around the humans sounds like a good idea.” He then extended a vine and slapped Fay's head from behind.

“Ow! Hey!” Fay glared at the Bulbasaur. “What did I do?!”

Saur just shrugged. “I just felt like doing that after the humans tried to take you away.” He then started walking.

Fay ran after him and walked beside him with a glare. “They were not taking me away! We were just having fun!”

“Are they...always like that?” I asked as Vixie and I slowed our pace when we reached Shock.

“Always,” Shock and Vixie replied at the same time.

I looked ahead, and stared at them, and a grin formed on my lips. “At least I now have something to tease her back if she teases me again.”

Shock just chuckled. “Yeah, good luck with that.”

He threw a grin at Vixie, and she smiled back.

I looked at them suspiciously. “On second thought... Maybe I won't...”

Vixie just grinned at me. “Curiosity will get you, eventually.”

I glared at her for a short while, and soon, we walked in silence, following Fay and Saur who were still arguing with each other. After a few minutes of walking, we reached the edge of the cliff, and down south, we saw a group of small houses by the shorelines.

Pallet Town was peacefully in between two tall mountains. North from the town were tall grasses and trees. East and west were trees, and further were the foot of the mountains. South was the sea. Pallet was like a peaceful town in a valley by the sea.

“Wow,” I said in awe. “Pallet's a really beautif—”

A large shadow was casted over us. No, the large shadow darkened everything around us. By the time we looked up, whatever covered the sun already moved away. While my friends shielded their eyes, I squinted mine to see what it was.

“Teach! Teach!” a young voice called from the tents. “Wh-what is that thing?!”

“Wow...” Fay said in a dumbfounded tone, “that's a big bird...”

Ho-oh... Ho-oh was black all over, but it's probably due to the fact that the sun's light were above it, making the rest of its body covered by its own shadow. But still, the faint and sparkling rainbow trail it left behind as it slowly flew, it was definitely Ho-oh.

I smiled. Well, I guess this means that my journey will finally begin!

...wait... I frowned. I came here to END the journey!

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