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Originally Posted by GOLDstandard View Post
No, not the constant tiny snowflakes one, the one that has three snowflakes falling. I know how to apply the volcanic ash snow haha. They made it work for longer than three snowflakes which is something I've never seen done.
I haven't used that weather in quite a while (like years) but, if I remember right, the weather is continuous if you walk onto the map from a connection. If I'm remembering, it's the warp that limits it to three snowflakes only.

Actually, scratch that, it seems that walking onto the map makes the snowflakes last a few seconds longer than when warping, but that's it. Also, it looks like the darkening effect of it lasts longer-than-average (well, compared to the other weathers, I guess) when walking onto a map that has regular weather set. But what would make the visual snow effect last longer when walking onto a map than when warping onto it?
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