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    Scarlett Rose

    Vale Institute of Magic - ???

    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Element: Fire

    • Fiercy Dragon
      Scarlett's first spell. She places her right hand in front of her and shouts the words of the spell to activate it. A flametrower that looks like a dragon will surround her and serve as a defense shield, burning everything around her. Scarlett can touch this fire and even use it to punch her opponents. This defense shield will fade after some time.
    • Ignis Wrath
      Scarlett makes boils of her hands and creates fire balls which she can shoot at her opponents. She can also create a small flame on her index finger with this spell. She can use this flame to either put something on fire or use it as light.
    • Fiersome
      Scarlett can create flametrowers out of her arms with this spell. She occasionally uses this spell as her trump card because it's her most powerful spell at the moment.

    Personality: Scarlett is a very thoughtful girl. She always thinks before she actually does something and is a great tactician. She sometimes seems to be ignoring the people who talk to her but she actually thinks about the things that they say, processing it into her brain and thinking of a proper response. At first sight Scarlett will seem like a very calm and quiet girl, however, she can also turn into your worst nightmare if you even dare to hurt the people that she cares about.

    Scarlett is also very mannered and likes to tease people a little when she's in the mood. She seems mature for her age but when you get to know her you will see that she also has a very childish side and a side that is deeply scarred. She loves cute little things and often can be found making sweets.

    History: Scarlett lived the happy child life for quite a while. She was loved by her parents because she was curious for learning new things and received good grades at school. She used to have a white cat plushy that she had named "Yuki" which she got from her parents for her 8th birthday. This plush was her most beloved treasure.

    When she turned 12 some sad events occurred. Scarlett woke up with Yuki in her arms like she did every morning but this time Yuki was all burned. Scarlett ran towards her parents to show them the burned plush, not knowing how this could've happened. Her parents were suprised about the plush as well but couldn't find a logical reason to it. Scarlett received a new plush but this one also burned at night. Scarlett's parents were starting to fear that the house was haunted and completely ignored the possibility that Scarlett could've done it herself.

    A week later the ghost hunters, that Scarlett's parents had called, arrived at the house. Their devices sensed a strange energy force in the house and made Scarlett's parents believe that there was indeed a ghost in the house. Scarlett was in the kitchen while the whole thing was happening and was staring at a candle on the kitchen table. Suddenly the candle started burning and made the little Scarlett scream. Her parents and the ghost hunters immediately arrived at the kitchen and saw the burning candle, expecting that this was the work of their "ghost". The ghost hunters did their usual ritual and told Scarlett's parents that the ghost had gone to the light and wouldn't bug them anymore. Even thought they were told this, the strange events kept happening.

    Scarlett woke up in the night of her 13th birthday when she heard weird sounds coming from downstairs. Her father told her to stay in her room and went downstairs to check what was happening. Not long later a scream was heard and Scarlett ran downstairs as well, completely ignoring her mother's demands who followed her. Once both of them arrived in the living room, their father and beloved husband was unconscious on the ground with a foot that belonged to one of the people who broke into their house on his back. "Don't move even a finger, or else we'll kill him." one of the two said. The second one walked up to them and started to touch Scarlett and her mother to see if she was holding any weapons with them. At the end the man held Scarlett's arm firmly and stared at his friend. "Take her to a room and do whatever you want with her, I'll handle things here." his friend told him. Scarlett wasn't stupid and knew what this man was going to do to her. She started screaming and fire in the form of a dragon started to surround her, burning the man. The other one wanted to attack her but only got burned himself. Both of the men left the house immediately but not before killing her father with the guns that they were holding.

    The funeral was held weeks later but Scarlett and her mother weren't allowed to attend her. The family of their father told Scarlett and her mother that it was their fault that he died. They said that if Scarlett hadn't done anything and let the man do what he wanted to with her that her father still would have lived. Her mother had told everyone that Scarlett stabbed the men with a knife and kept what really happened a secret to protect her daughter and helped her controlling her powers.

    Both Scarlett and mother grieved for the loss of their father and husband. At the end Scarlett's mother deceased because she couldn't take it anymore. Scarlett ended up in an orphanage but the scars in her heart always remained. Scarlett was bullied a lot in the years that she stayed in this orphanage. When she turned 16 she received a letter from Vale Institute of Magic and didn't hesitate even a second. She picked her stuff together and immediately left to this school.

    Code: Challange me!!
    Other: Scarlett has cat plush that doesn't accidentally burn at night because it's made of special materials.