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When I got Mystery Dungeon Red Team, I did the test honestly and got Charmander (Brave.) I did not want Charmander. I wanted to be Cyndaquil, and because I had no internet access, I just redid the test over and over. I got all the starters plus some others.. Except Cyndaquil. I gave in and manipulated the test to get Eevee. I quit shortly after I chose Eevee because it wasn't getting good moves and I chose an unfitting partner (Bulbasaur.) So I restarted and did Skitty with my partner as Pikachu. Only later did I find out Cyndaquil was for males only.. What the hell is that ****? And Eevee is female only? Boo!

Later, I got Explorers of Time. I wanted to be Shinx initially, until reading that I had to choose a male (boo!) to be one. I wanted to be a girl. So I just took the test honestly and ended with Vulpix. I like Vulpix, so I went with it. I chose Shix for my partner. Awesome, awesome game.

I honestly just don't understand why there were gender specific Pokemon choices. Eevees can be boys and Riolus can be girls. There were natures they didn't use in the quiz that they easily could have, so people could choose their Pokemon gender with an equal chance to get a Pokemon they want.

I don't have a 3DS yet, but the 3DS Mystery dungeon looks crap anyways.
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