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Chapter 36
Pallet Town's very quiet and very peaceful. With the golden rays of the setting sun, the town was ablaze with golden hues, which was absolutely beautiful. I love art, and nature, and that is why I really love nature's work of art.

My friends and I sat under a tree on a hill on the edge of town. The air was cool and carried small hints of saltiness. It was a nice change of smell, and it reminded me of how much I miss home. Damn, I'm going out for a swim when I get back. I'm gonna spend a lot and throw a beach party, to celebrate my return and how much I missed home. I don't care if I'll be hitting zero on my account. I'm gonna show the world how happy I'll be when I get back.

Anyway, we sat here, waiting for the night so we could easily sneak around the town without drawing too much attention to ourselves.

While my friends were busy talking to each other, I was happily staring at Oak's laboratory on top of that hill on the other edge of town. There were a few dots moving around that place though. Heh, it's quite obvious. Ash's or Red's Pokémon are there, so it makes sense. If Red is here instead of Ash, then I wonder which Red it was. Red from the manga or from that origins special?

Anyway, as the night finally arrive, I forced myself to finish eating my last berry before we climbed down the hill. The air was cooler now, but I'm thankful for my Eevee fur, which was enough to keep me warm.

Pallet was now lit by the lights from houses and a few street lamps. There weren't any cemented roads, and most of the houses here were built by either wood or bricks.

We were about to plan on how we're going to go through town when we noticed a number of Pokémon wandering around the town, either by themselves or by group. So we decided to have a vote by either stealth mode or ‘we don't care’ mode. Shock and Vixie voted for stealth, while Saur, Fay and I voted to try our luck by walking casually.

Shock and Vixie weren't comfortable with the idea, so they let the three of us lead the group. There were a few humans outside though, walking towards somewhere, sitting by their front lawns, or sharing some gossip with their neighbors. A few have noticed us, but they don't seem to mind.

I turned to Shock and flashed him a victorious grin. He just shot me a defeated glare.

Since the people here don't really care about wandering Pokémon, we decided to split up to cover more ground. Shock went by himself, Vixie and Fay went together, and that left me and Saur taking the other path.

From that hill where we waited for the evening to come, Pallet seemed like a small little town, but now that we're here, the town somehow became quite big.

“But not as big as Goldenrod...” I suddenly said out loud. Saur doesn't seem to mind. We stopped in front of a white fence, next to a lit street lamp. “So, how should we search for him?” I turned to the house that was ‘protected’ by this white fence. “Should we look through their windows?”

“Humans won't like that,” Saur said. I turned to him and he shrugged. “The old couple back at the daycare would get angry when we look through their windows from outside. I still don't understand why though.” He then flashed me a smile. “Since you claim to be human, do you know why?”

I shrugged. “They probably just want some privacy. Anyway, yeah, I see your point. Worse, they might try and capture us.” Welp, there goes that option then.

I looked around, and saw a Murkrow preening its wing as it stood on the next house's mailbox. I turned to Saur and gestured with my head to follow me. We walked towards the Murkrow, and I saw that it looked at us for a split of a second before returning its focus on its wing.

“Good evening,” I greeted, but I stopped when the Murkrow flinched.

“Ah,” the Murkrow said, its voice obviously that of an old and cranky female. “Quite rare to see young 'uns with manners these days.”

...good thing I greeted first, then?

The Murkrow ‘fixed’ herself before flying down and landing in front of us. She was...quite tall. Taller than Saur and I. I guess age adds height?

“The name's Lais, known well as Lais of Shadows back in the days,” she stood proud.

Now that I got a good look at her, her feathers seemed to be...untidy? Messy, yeah, messy. Like an old feather duster. I guess that also comes with age.

“Well, pleasure to meet you. I'm Jay, and—”

“Weird name for an Eevee,” Lais butted in.

I ignored her. Not like that's the first time I heard that comment. “And this is Saur.”

Saur simply smiled and nodded.

“Saur, huh?” Lais brought a wing to her beak. “I remember that Magikarp stew I had one time. The flavor sounded awfully the same as your friend's name... Hm...”

I deadpanned. “His name's Saur, not sour.”

She shook her head. “Anyway, have you seen Mak anywhere?” She looked at random directions. “I swear, that old coot is prob'bly hiding from me again.”

I blinked, and turned to Saur. He was still smiling, but I could already tell he was just faking it.

I turned back to the Murkrow and gulped. “Uh, I'm sure he's just around, anyway...”

She turned to us, and blinked in confusion. “Sorry, didn't notice you there, young 'uns.”


She brought a wing to her chest and stood proud. “D'name's Lais, and I used to bring quite a scare to my foes back in my days.”

My ears drooped as I deadpanned. “I'm sure that's one way to win. Anyway—”

“Oh, quite so! I remember that one time when—”

...and I lost focus when I felt Saur's vines pulling me away...

“Let's...ask someone else,” I suggested as I stared at an old human couple who were chuckling at the yapping Murkrow in front of their fence.

As soon as Saur lets me go, the front door of the old couple bursts open and out came...

“Gah! I'm late!” the man exclaimed as he carried five large cardboard boxes stack on top of each other, which was already beyond his head, and there were papers and wires dangling from the boxes. He hurriedly marched forward...and clumsily bumbed on the waist-high gate of the fence. “Ahhh!” and everything fell outside the fence.

...I should be worried that he fell flat on the ground, but I was still wondering how he got out of the entryway carrying those boxes...

“Goodness, child!” the old man exclaimed as he helped the young man up. “I just fixed that gate earlier this morning! If you break it again, I'm going to charge you!”

“I'm sorry! I'm sorry!” the young man said, who hurriedly stacked the boxes once again, with the Murkrow slowly picking a few papers that fell out. The man then carried the boxes again and off he went. “Lais! I'll be at Professor Oak's!”

The Murkrow just rolled her eyes and continued picking the papers.

Saur suddenly chuckled. “Humans are clumsy.”

“That clumsy human was Bill!” I exclaimed as I tried to make up my mind if I should follow him, or call the others first. “Gah! It's him! It's him! But what to do?!”

Saur just calmly poked me on my shoulder. “He just said he's going to an Oak tree.”

I blinked. I nodded. “Right. Right. Almost forgot about that.”

Saur nodded and turned around. “I'll call the others.” Suddenly, the bulb on his back spat a black seed, and it landed on the ground. “Don't leave this spot.” Saur said as he ran off, and the seed began sprouting roots and pulled itself underneath the ground.

I blinked. “Oookay...?”

Lais mumbled something. I turned to her and saw that she was now having a hard time collecting the papers. Since I got nothing else to do, I sighed as I approached her, and collected a few pieces of paper and stacked them.

The Murkrow smiled at me, and spat the many papers that she already collected from her beak. “Ah, it's great to see helpful young 'uns in today's time.”

I groaned as I picked up more paper. “Yeah... Lucky me...”

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