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    Originally Posted by CoffeeDrink View Post
    err, okay, koffi~

    Better prep yourself for some awesome and most brutal European (and others) torture devices!

    Wooooooo! Torture me baby, yeah! If that ain't evil. . ., koff~
    You should ask for clarification on context first. In the Dark Ages and other older periods of history, Europe was one of the worst places, I concur, but in the modern age, many countries in Europe are surpassing the US in equality, civil liberties, and other various "good" things. Though the Middle Eastern countries are still worse than the US, we are far from the best right now.

    One good thing about the US, we did all our worst stuff in a shorter period of time than other countries, so considering the age of the country, the US still has the most potential, if only the people here would stop squandering it.
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