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Dear Anonymous,

i feel betrayed. you're my bestfriend but i feel like you don't care about our friendship anymore. i told you i was depressed and you didn't do anything to try and help. you're my only true friend i have left and you aren't being a very good one, i just wish you showed you cared more about me, sorry i'm being selfish but you're my only IRL friend. it's really bringing me down.

Dear Anonymous,

it's been about 7 years. i keep thinking i should try to contact you, but you haven't tried to get a hold of me either. grandma had to tell you i joined the navy because i felt you wouldn't have even cared. i'm now old enough to make the same choices that resulted in mom leaving you and taking me and kat away from you. i do have a drink every now and then but i fear that if i keep it up i'll end up just like you, and that scares me. i'll be moving back to california this next week and i want to visit you but we both know i wont. i'll be in san diego but i know you wont visit. robert,... i mean,... dad, has been a great father to me and i have to say i love him more than i could ever love you, and i hope that hurts. Kat is getting married next year and she doesn't even know if it would be worth telling you, he's a good guy, he almost shot a guy who tried to rob them. i'm not sure if i'll ever go out of my way to contact you, but I'll talk to you if you make the first move, but i wont hold my breath.

p.s. your new wife is an airhead!
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