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    I love your hack, its quite fun, but after getting to the 6th or 7th gym, it has started to get a little boring, would be better if it had some side quests to get extra items which aren't required for the main quest, also, i noticed that this hack doesnt have any large cities with a bunch of buildings like a giant store (the one that you can buy tons of stuff from with multiple floors), it also doesnt have all of charizards and some other pokemons original moves, its kinda fun actually like that, but i think a couple of them could have been kept. I also noticed this pokemon hack is kinda hard to train your pokemon since alot of the pokemon in the grass give barely any exp. i was only able to train my weaker pokemon in that one lava cave, it actually had pokemon that gave a bit more xp than others. But otherwise this is an awesome hack!
    Would recommend to add some more extra things like i mentioned above if you got the time, unless of course its too much work or would mess with the script.
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