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Chapter 38
“Welcome back to the land of the living!”

A loud feminine voice spoke way too cheerfully as I groaned and slowly regained consciousness. How'd she knew I was waking up, I have no clue. All I know at the moment is that I'm so f*cking hurt all over...

Ugh...what happened to me?

“You can't pretend to be asleep forever, ya know!”

“Can't a guy have some peace and quiet?” I hissed as I opened my eyes and immediately, I saw my up-side-down reflection, only, my reflection was smiling, which was completely contrasting my angry frown. “Why am I staring at a broken mirror?”

My reflection touched my nose with its soft paw. “I'm not a mirror, silly!”

I blinked at that. “Oh...”

Honestly, I wanted to try and overreact, like shout in surprise and accidentally hit our heads, like the ones in an animé, but eh, I'm still hurting all over. And I think I'm starting to remember what in blazes happened. Moon, feathers, evil glowing eyes. Yeah.

I sighed as I pushed her head away from mine with my own paw. “Personal space, please.”

“Oh, right,” the female Eevee moved away as I rolled to my belly.

I groaned as I slowly pull myself up into a sitting position. I was on a white tiled floor. It was hard yet cool to the touch. Anyway, not important. I looked around, and saw a giant living room. Well, I'm a small Eevee, so an average-looking living room's a giant one in my point of view. There were sofas, a flat-screen television, table, some potted plants and hanging plants, and a Mr. Mine humming a tune to himself as he cleaned the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. There was also a Ledyba wiping a few portraits that hung on the wall.

Unfortunately, me feeding my eyes with everything around me isn't really satisfying my belly, who just decided to tell the world how hungry it was. I felt hot on my cheeks when the Ledyba and Mr. Mime looked at me. I felt my ears droop as I lowered myself to the floor, my Eevee companion chuckling at me.

“Looks like someone's hungry,” she said.

I deadpanned at her. “Gee... Ya don't say?”

She gasped. “You know meme's!” And then she grinned. “Why so serious?”

I...blinked at her... “W-wait... You're...”

She nodded and cheerfully sprang on all four. “Oh my gosh! I never actually believed what that Vulpix and Rattata and Pikachu and Bulbasaur has told me about you being human!” she blurted out all too cheerfully as she hopped around me in a circle. “Oh, how long ago did I last talked to someone who I could actually relate?!”

I'm starting to have an early morning headache and neck pains if I keep following her with my eyes and head.

“Oh! There's so much I wanna talk about! And ask about!” she stopped in front of me with a big goofy grin complete with cyan sparkling eyes. “So, what's your name?! I mean, your friends said your name was Jay, but I wanna know for sure! Maybe Jay is just an alias or something. And where were you from? And how old are you?! What did you do to before you woke up here?! And—”

I pushed a paw inside her mouth as I glared at her. She gasped and hopped back, spat and stuck her tongue out in disgust.

“Like, eew much!” she glared at me. “That was rude! And here I thought I could finally have someone to talk to! That I can relate to!”

I tried my best to ignore my wet and dripping paw as I raised it to make a point. “First of all, no, I can't relate to you if you're full while I'm hungry.” And to stamp a certificate of approval to my statement, I hereby allowed my tummy to use Uproar.

She just glared at me some more. “That's not a good excuse to shove your arm, or foot, or paw inside my mouth! You use that for walking!” She cringed and shook her head while sticking her tongue out as I wiped my paw on the carpet.

“Here you go,” the Ledyba gently landed beside me and placed a plate of meat on the floor between us. “Master Oak left that on the table earlier for you to eat when you wake up.”

I smiled at her and almost attacked the meal before I remembered to thank her. She just nodded and flew somewhere.

I pushed my opened mouth down to my meal with an audible ‘ah’ as I boredly stared at my glaring Eevee companion. After a few seconds of nothing but me saying ‘ahhh’, I sighed and pulled my head back up.

“Do you mind? I'm going to eat.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Someone as rude as you expect me not to be rude to you?” She puffed. “Ha.”

Ooohhh, so she has bad attitude, eh? I rolled my eyes and bit the meat. I lifted my head back up as I chewed quite loudly. “Om nom nom nom...” Well, it didn't really sounded like that, not with me chewing this juicy cooked meat, but hey, it at least made her cringe in disgust.

“You're disgusting,” she grimaced.

“'ou fauff,” and I continued chewing loudly. “Mmm...”

Her eye twitched. “You're so immature, you know that?”

“An' 'ou'f 'hild'sh,” I replied.

She glared at me. “Oh, so having proper manners is childish?”

“Nah,” I licked my paws as I finished eating. Damn, that was one quick yet satisfying meal. I guess small creatures get full quicker. “Proper manners are for snubbish and rich people whose nose are higher than their eyes.”

“I hate snubbish people,” she glared on the carpet. “They always bully me around back in school.”

What a strange shift of topic, and ahh, so she's still a young student then.

“If you ask me, I'd rather be an Eevee forever than be back there, but I have two loving parents, so...” her glare softened, and she closed her eyes with a sad sigh. “I miss them.”

“Meh,” I shrugged. “We'll be back home, eventually.”

“How?” she asked as she looked at me with sad eyes. “Bill couldn't help me. My friends and I asked Bill for help before. Believe me, we tried all sorts of things, even that transforming machine of his back in Cerulean City.” She closed her eyes and shook her head. “It didn't work.”

My felt my ears drooped as my spirits fell down to hopelessville. “Oh...” was the only thing I could say to that. I tsk'ed as I looked away. “Now what?” I whispered to myself.

“Oh?” Vixie's voice echoed. I looked back and saw her approaching us with a small smile. “You're awake.” She sat down and took a sniff on my plate beside me. “Human food is strangely delicious,” and she began licking the plate.

I chuckled as the female Eevee cringed.


The plate was suddenly surrounded by a weird bluish glow and it levitated away from us, and into an angry Mr. Mime's hands.

“I already told you not to lick the plates!” He turns the vacuum cleaner off and retreated to the kitchen, probably. “Gah, she did! Ugh...”

“I couldn't help it!” Vixie shouted back at him. She received an angry groan as a reply. She then turned back to me. “So, you two catching up?”

“Eh? I don't even know her.”

“Oh, right,” the Eevee said, cutting Vixie's attempt to reply. “Forgot to introduced myself.”

“Indeed you have,” I teased her.

She glared at me for a short while. “My name is Krystal. Krys for short. My last name's not important. Sixteen and...was attending high school before...” she gestured herself with a paw, “...this happened.”

I tilted my head to the side and blinked. “Sixteen?” Well, I guess that would make sense. “Well, name's Jay. Twenty-three and working in an IT department.”

She blinked. She gasped. “You're twenty-three?!” she stuck her tongue out. “And you...! You put your hand in my mouth! Eewww!!!” She scurried away as Vixie and I arched her an eyebrow. “Pedophile! Pedophile! Eek!”

I gasped and jumped on all four paws. “Now wait just a second!” I glared at her. “I am NOT a pedophile! Never before! Never now! Never ever!”

“Jay's a pedophile!” Fay's voice suddenly chirped as she jumped beside Vixie. She started giggling when I turned to glare at her.


“Pedophile~ Pedophile~” Fay sang.

“FAY! SHUT UP!” I shouted.

Vixie just blinked at her. “Fay... Do you even know what that means?”

“Nope!” Fay chirped, and continued her teasing song as Vixie sighed in defeat.

My eye was quite tired of the twitching, so I shut her up by pinning her mouth closed with both paws. I leaned closer to her, our eyes almost touching each other.

“I,” I hissed, slowly, quietly and venomously. “Am. Not. A. Pedophile.”

I felt her mouth grinned. Nope, she ain't giving this up soon. My eye twitched again as I turned to Krystal, holding a paw to her mouth to stop herself from chuckling.

“What. Have. You. Done?”

She grinned. “Pedo.”


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