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Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
Uh, I'm still having some trouble with this. :s

Some more screenshots to highlight the problem:

* When I interact with the sprite from below (frame 0), the bottom majority of the sprite is invisible.
* When I interact with the sprite from above (frame 1), the sprite appears on top of the player and the top is cut off instead.

The only thing I can think of is it's a problem to do with Free Space, more-so with the latter off-sets? Having said that,despite the ROM not being initially un-used (I did a good bit of scripting etc.), I don't think I got to the 900000s. Idk. :s

I've tried some things so far but nothing seems to have solved it (changing some of the bytes which i felt might be inaccurate. You can see this above or by clicking here.

Thank you. Sorry it's not the typical problems but it's been driving me a bit insane. xD
Fixed it. I inserted a new palette too. The only problem now is that the sprite doesn't move/some of the frames aren't working however I've encountered this problem before and hopefully I can fix it again. ^.^ If anyone has any comments I'd appreciate it though.