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Originally Posted by KagamiChan View Post
Ehm o.o random question >.> <.<
I know this might sound silly, considering the Kalos region and Gen VI are now up and running, but I've been wanting to join a Johto/Kanto-based RP for a while now and the ones I found some days back are either full or dead or just didn't appeal to me .-.
So I figured I'd make my own >->
Already got help with GMing and got an entire first OOC post with some details on the plot and everything ready <.< the extent of the plot and just how serious things are is still under development and all, but we're getting there. I wouldn't wanna post it just so I can RP in it by myself lol xD
So I was wondering if there's still fans of the Johto region and GSC/HG/SS still around that would wanna be in a Johto/Kanto-based RP >u<
I'd be interested! It's been a long time since I've been able to do a Pokemon RP since my knowledge of the more recent generations is pretty limited, so a Johto/Kanto RP sounds perfect...! ;7;