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    Originally Posted by Magistrum View Post
    Hey guys, I saw your spreadsheet, and I kinda want to comment about the existing stat spreads you got.

    Disregard this comment if you want to deviate from the norm, but IMHO these points will make your pokedex spreads more organized and cohesive:

    I think you got the fire starters' BSTs right, but not on the water starter (250 BST on its basic stage). Starter Pokemon always follow a sort of BST bracket; 300+ on the pre-evos, 405+ on the middle evos and 525-535 BST on the final evos.

    BSTs exceeding 540
    With the exception of Gen 6, there has always been a pokemon or two who has 540 BST in each generation. This is usually the highest BST that was given to non-legend/non-pseudolegend pokemon. For pseudo-legends the absolute guideline is 600 BST of course, but for non-pseudo-legends, 540 BST is the general maximum given.

    However, why "general" maximum and not "absolute" maximum? It's because with the exception of gen II, there has always been an oddball pokemon that exceeded 540 BST. These pokemon are Arcanine, Slaking, Togekiss, Archeops, Volcarona and Florges.

    My point is, there are already several pokemon in your spreadsheet that exceeds 540 BST. I just want to remind you guys that pokemon with 540 BST and up are kept to a minimum, otherwise it won't be balanced. Your Drillion in particular, which has 593(?) BST could either be reduced into 550ish BST or be given a crippling ability along the lines of Defeatist, Truant or Stall, not Keen Eye.

    What you say is perfectly true. I guess we'll have to think of better spreads. Thanks for the wonderful tips!
    ... so Sunfished, does that mean back to the drawing board with stats?
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