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    Last Johto game, Crystal!

    ♦ Started off by picking Chikorita, but I soon left it to be an HM slave after Spinweb the Spinarak was caught.
    ♦ Went through the Sprout Tower and the first gym with him, which was a bit difficult. I had to rely on Poison Sting getting useful with poisoning here.
    ♦ Continued to Azalea Town, and by now, Spinweb had evolved and could take Bugsy down easily.
    ♦ In the forest, I caught Reissa the Oddish, whom I trained up in Union Cave before heading up to Goldenrod City.
    ♦ Whitney was no easy match, but I eventually defeated her. Again, poison helped.
    ♦ Trekked up to Ecruteak, ran into Bill and went back to obtain my Eevee. Named it Flaria.
    ♦ Defeated the Kimono Girls and taught Flaria Mud-Slap, to help defeat Morty.
    ♦ Since I had received Surf, I caught some random Water-type and then went to catch my official surfer and fourth team member, Golddigger the Goldeen.
    ♦ This quartet got me through the many fears and obstacles of Johto, namely the Gym Leaders and Team Rocket.
    ♦ In the Ice Path, I caught my final team member, Rougela the Jynx.
    ♦ She reached up to the rest of the team's levels by training a bit, and also taking care of the Blackthorn Gym.
    ♦ Went into the Dragon's Den to rightfully claim my badge, and then Prof. Elm called to say I could go to the Pokémon League.
    ♦ Went through Victory Road and defeated them all.
    ♦ Same old story afterwards - took the boat to Kanto, defeated leaders and then trained everyone up to Lv 60 to face Red.



    Spinweb the Ariados, Lv 60 (♂)
    Item: Quick Claw
    Sludge Bomb, Night Shade, Giga Drain, Dig

    Reissa the Vileplume, Lv 60 (♀)
    Item: Miracle Seed
    Petal Dance, Acid, Moonlight, Toxic

    Flaria the Flareon, Lv 60 (♀)
    Item: Amulet Coin
    Headbutt, Shadow Ball, Mud-Slap, Flamethrower

    Golddigger the Seaking, Lv 60 (♀)
    Item: Leftovers
    Surf, Horn Attack, Icy Wind, Waterfall

    Rougela the Jynx, Lv 60 (♀)
    Item: NeverMeltIce
    Ice Punch, Lovely Kiss, Psychic, Body Slam
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