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    I need a Normal safari with Aipom,
    a Dark safari with Cacturne and/or Vullaby,
    an Electric safari with Electabuzz, Luxio, Zebstrika and/or Galvantula,
    a Fairy safari with Clefairy,
    a Fighting safari with Mankey and/or Tyrogue,
    a Fire safari with Growlithe, Magmar and/or Ninetales,
    a Grass safari with Swadloon and/or Maractus,
    a Ground safari with Gastrodon and/or Palpitoad,
    an Ice safari with Snorunt, Dewgong and/or Spheal,
    a Poison safari with Muk and/or Cascoon,
    a Psychic safari with Xatu, Girafarig and/or Munna,
    a Steel safari with Bronzong and/or Excadrill,
    and a Water safari with Krabby.

    PM me if you have any of these safaris.
    My FC is 0688-5637-2389 and my safari is Electric with Dedenne, Stunfisk and Galvantula.
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