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Chapter 43
“This is so degrading...” Krystal sighed as she slowly started eating her bowl of meatballs.

We were having our dinner in the living room, and ever since we started, I was annoyingly pushing my bowl away from Vixie, who kept on pushing hers close to me. At least Fay, Saur and Chiko found it funny to watch.

Shock however... “Could you two quit it?” he hissed and glared at us.

I glared back. “If you're so angry with her chasing after me, then you shouldn't have dumped her!” And there she was again. “And get away from me!”

She chuckles and finally sat down. “Fine, I'm getting hungry now, anyway.” She then grinned at me. “But afterwards...” she trailed off.

I gritted my teeth and pushed my bowl with my nose and settled down beside Krystal. “You wouldn't mind, right?”

She just sighed. “How are you accepting that we're no longer eating with our hands?”

I shrugged as I ate. “Dunno,” I replied with a half-full mouth. “Hunger does wonders.”

She puffed and grunted. “Ugh... I can't believe you...”

“Why?” I grinned. “If you're staying here forever as an Espeon, then you should start getting used to it. Besides,” I shrugged. “You've been here longer than I have. Why haven't you gotten used to it yet?”

She glared at me, and I chuckled. I was about to continue eating, but I noticed Vixie from afar, fixing me a glare. Hm... I turned to Krystal. Hm...

I sighed. Vixie may be annoying, but I won't go all pedo-mode just to push her away...

“I think your girlfriend's getting jealous of me being near you,” Krys commented, adding an evil grin to it. “Pedo.”

My eye twitched. I pushed my bowl away from her chuckling form and settled down in between Saur and Shock.

“Seriously,” Shock grunted. “Get a den already.”

“Someone's jealous,” I grinned, receiving a glare from him. “You know that I can still give her to you, right?” and I resumed eating.

His eye twitched. “Vixie is not an item you can just pass to someone else!”

“She will be if she keeps on bothering me,” I said simply. I was about to eat the last of my meatball when Shock rudely grabbed my collar-fur thingy and forced me to look into his angry eyes.

“You will not treat her that way,” he hissed. “I won't let you!”

I deadpanned and was about to reply when Saur spoke.

“Let him go, Shock.”

Shock's eye twitched, and reluctantly lets me go.

“You know he doesn't mean it.”

I blinked and turned to the Bulbasaur. The heck? Of course I meant what I said.

“It's just annoying to hear,” Shock sighed.

“Now listen here,” I said to the still-eating Bulbasaur. Oh, he's eating some crispy leaves, by the way. “I don't love Vixie, ya hear?”

“Oh?” I heard Shock spoke. “I wonder what was that ‘I'm hurt, but I don't know why’ you said earlier.”

My eye twitched and was about to glare at him when Mr Mime came in and started levitating our bowls away. Huh, isn't he an evolved form as well, or does he have the same case as Shock? Anyway, I immediately bit the last meatball before it flew away from me.

Bill suddenly walked beside the maid-mon and clapped his hands. “Okay everyone. Light's out in ten. We need to sleep early so we can leave early tomorrow.”

I blinked at his retreating form. “We're going somewhere?”

Shock sighed. “Sheesh... You and Vixie need to pay more attention during meetings.”

“Well, he was lovesick at the time,” Fay chirped, making Shock grin. “So it's understandable.”

“I hate you all,” I mumbled. I shook my head and turned to my more sensible friend. “Where are we going?”

Saur blinked at me. “I thought Vixie said you're not coming with us?” And then he smiled at Fay and Shock, who were behind me.

“Well, duh,” Fay chirped, and I am no longer liking where this is going. “He's coming with, since Vixie's his mate now! If she's coming, then so will he!”

I gritted my teeth. “You three are so...gah!” I was about to storm off when I noticed Vixie in front of me. “Oh, uh, hi?”

She smiled. “You're coming with us, right?”

“I guess so.” Wait... What the f*ck, mouth?! “I mean, n—mmfff!” a vine shut me up.

Fay giggled. “See? Told you he'll come with!”

“Ow,” Saur winced when I poked his vine with a nail.

“I'm staying here!” I glared at Saur. “And you can't make me come with you guys!”

Vixie suddenly brushed herself beside me, sending electric jolts to my spine. “I guess I'll stay here as well.”

I quickly jumped beside Saur and wrapped a paw behind his neck. “We should all get some sleep! Yep! Need to rise up early to wherever we're going, right?!” I hate the world right now... “Right! So goodnight everyone! I'm sleeping with Saur tonight!”

Saur just blinked.

Krystal shook her head in disappointment. “Pedo and gay...”

“Shut up, you,” I glared at her. I then took a breath and sighed as I pulled my paw back. “But seriously though. Where are we going?”

“Green Forest,” Shock said as the Ledyba flew by and switched off the lights. She greeted us good night and flew away. “Remember what that Nidoran said?”

I blinked. “We met a Nidoran before?”

Despite the darkness, I could still see Shock's deadpanned expression. “Yes.”

“Wow,” Fay chirped, who lied down beside Vixie. “He's head has been on clouds for far too long.”

“Har har...” I deadpanned.

“Anyway,” Shock continued, “we're going to Green Forest to see what the gathering was all about. Even if the gathering is already over, we can still ask a few Pokémon there some details.”

“Okay...” I nodded. “But how will Bill fit into this quest of ours?”

“He'll drive us there,” Krystal said, who was trying to get comfortable in between Vixie and Chiko. “You really haven't paid any attention at all, huh?”

“Lovesick~” Fay quietly sang, and then yawned.

Oh yeah, Yawn's a known Pokémon move, so it's no wonder everyone else yawned as well, including myself.

“Suddenly, I feel so sleepy...” I whispered, making Saur chuckle. “Good night, everyone.”

After a series of ‘good nights’, everyone became quiet and went to sleep.

My ears twitched when I heard Vixie's soft voice. “Night, Jay.”

I took a breath and sighed through my nostrils as Fay quietly giggled.

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