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Originally Posted by isthatyoudan View Post
three more questions! (sorry, I just want it to be perfect.)
1. My plotline is kinda also a prologue. I explain what happens before the playable characters show up. Is that ok?
2. Also, it said here that the information can't be a one sentence plot. My plot and all of the game info is on a computer document right now, and it is 4 pages long. Is that too long?
3. How many playable characters should there be? Is 5 enough?
1. That's fine. Your summary should be the plot up to now and what your characters are going to be doing.
2. Haha I'm not sure there's such a thing as "too long". Go track down Aerion if you have the time. XD Just as long as you don't think it's too much for your players to read.
3. Five is fine! Over 3 characters is the rules, I'm pretty sure I wrote that in the FAQ.
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