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Chapter 44
“She's a heavy sleeper, no?” I chuckled as Bill carried Krystal's sleeping form from the living room to his white pick-up truck.

Chikorita and Surskit, who was still glued on the grass starter's back for reasons unknown, chuckled in embarrassment.

“Yeah,” Chiko nodded. “She's worse than a rock when she's asleep.”

Bill then carefully placed her on the carpeted surface of his truck, where the rest of us were currently waiting. Aside from us Pokémon back here, there were also three wooden crates, filled with papers and some random machinery-thingies of his. Lais stood on top of a crate though, also asleep.

“Hurry up, professor!” Bill shouted after he turned back to the house.

“In a moment!” came Oak's reply from the second floor. “Waaahhh!” and then crashing noises.

I winced before I turned to Chikorita. “So, what gives?”

She blinked at me. “Pardon?”

“I mean,” I gestured her back with a paw. “What's up with you cosplaying as a Bulbasaur?”

She frowned. “You humans certainly have a lot of weird words, huh?”


“But I think I understand your question.” She slightly raised her head up with a smile, enough to tilt her long leaf and pet Surskit on his head. “We're best friends.” They then stopped and smiled at me. “More than friends, but...” she flashed me a sad smile. “But still, its how we feel for each other's important.”

“Uh...huh...” I nodded with a lame smile. “Too romantic and cheesy for my taste...”

Chiko frowned while the Surskit chuckled. “Get's one to know one,” he said.

I blinked, and was about to ask what he meant when I suddenly heard Vixie's giggles from behind. I shot the couple a glare. “Har har...” I then turned around, and glared at Shock.

He quickly hid his grin. “What did I do this time?”

“It's not fair!” I shouted as Oak came out from his house, assisted by Mr Mime and Ledyba, who were carrying a few of his things. “Why does she keep on pestering me after I said no, while you got an easier way out?”

“Did he?” Vixie grinned, turning to the glaring Pikachu.

“Don't remind me,” he hissed at her before turning to me. “Been there, gladly to be done with it.” He then grinned. “My turn to enjoy the show.”

“I think Vixie's just going easy on you,” Fay nodded.

“She's just warming up,” Saur smiled, Fay and Shock chuckling afterwards.

Mr Mime and Ledyba placed a few of Oak's items beside the crates as the professor took a seat on the passenger's seat.

I closed my eyes as I moaned in frustration. “I can't believe this...”

“Jay, was it?” Oak asked, who poked his head out and was looking at me. I nodded, and he smiled. “Well, don't you worry. I promise that we'll help you out.”

“Yeah, sure,” I sighed. “Whatever...”

He just nodded with a smile, completely oblivious of my reply. Bill took the driver's seat and started the engine as Oak spoke to Mr Mime and Ledyba.

“Seriously, Vixie,” I turned to her smiling face as the truck slowly began moving down the hill. “Can't you just treat me as a friend? I WILL turn back into human sooner or later.”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “I know. So what?”

I blinked... “W-what?”

“So what if you turn back into human?”

I deadpanned. “You do realize that what you've just said is incredibly stupid, right?”

She frowned.

“What you're telling me is bestiality, and I am in no way into that kind of...thing.”

“Another strange word again,” the Chikorita behind me sighed.

“It means humans and anim—” and I almost bit my tongue. “—Pokémon having get the idea.”

“So?” Vixie asked, but my attention was to Shock, who was slowly turning green.

“That's disgusting, Vixie!” Shock snapped, turning to her. “Sorry, but I'm with Jay on this one!” He glared at her. “It sounds absolutely, ridiculously, stupid!”

She glared back at him. “You can't decide how I live my life, Shock.”

“Vixie,” I quickly said, cutting Shock off. “Are you really, really, REALLY, that desperate in finding a mate?”

She turned to me, opened her mouth to reply, yet no words came out. I stared at her eyes, ignored how fast my heart suddenly felt, and saw a conflict there.

“Besides,” I softly said, “it's not like I'm the last male you'll ever meet anyway.” I looked up and stared at the thin whispy clouds in the still-waking sky. “The world is a big place, Vixie. There are still other male Eevees, and Vulpixes out there.” I shrugged as I looked back to her. “Or are you maybe in heat?”

She blinked and blushed furiously. “W-what? No!”

I grinned as Fay quickly turned her head to the Vulpix, while Saur chuckled and Shock laughed.

A voice from behind me didn't sound so very amused, unfortunately. “Being in heat isn't something we should laugh at, you know.”

I turned and saw Chikorita's frown. I almost forgot she was even there.

“She doesn't smell in heat,” Fay said.

“Sorry,” I said to the Chikorita. “I'm a human, so if talking about it offends you,” I turned to Vixie with an apologetic smile, “then I wanna say sorry. I didn't mean to.”

I'm also quite glad that it's a bit easier to look at her, even though she has this whole crush-thing on me at the moment.

Vixie quietly stared on the ground, and after a few more seconds, she quietly sighed and turned, and moved closer to the crates.

Sigh... There she goes again.

“I'll handle it,” Saur said, who was about to turn when Shock grabbed his bulb.

“No. Let's—”

“I'll do it!” Fay chirped, but Shock grabbed her tail with his other paw. “Um... Shocky? You need to let go of my tail if I want to go with Vixie over there.”

“I told you not to call me that,” Shock grunted. “And no.” He lets go and turned to me. “You break something, you fix it.”

I blinked at him. “Why would I if others are willing to do it?”

He glared at me.

I rolled my eyes. “Fine, fine... Sheesh...” I stood on all four and slowly made my way to Vixie, who's back was on me. I wobbled a bit when the truck ran on some log or something, but after that, I got to her no problems at all. I internally sighed as I sat a foot or two away from her. “Vixie...” and I have no idea what to say? Well, I did offend her, I think? “I wanna say sorry you, or offending you...or whatever I did that made you angry or sad or whatever it is your feeling right now.”

I heard a paw to face behind me. I almost chuckled at that sound alone.

The Vulpix inhaled, and quietly exhaled. “I suck at this...”

I blinked. “Suck at what, exactly?”

She slightly raised her head, staring at the white wall of the truck. “T-this...” She sighed. “I tried to smile all the time, but it didn't work. Then I tried your suggestion of just being myself, but it's still not working.”

Ah... “You don't exactly suck at it though.”


“But...maybe you're looking at this the wrong way?”

And finally, she turned to me, fixing me a confused look.

I shrugged. “I mean, hey,” I smiled, “for a relationship to work, the two must like each other on the same level, right? That's basic knowledge, for humans, I mean.”

She blinked. She closed her eyes, turned to the crate, and bumped her head.

I arched an eyebrow.

“Of course...” she mumbled. “I'm such a dummy...”

Uh huh... Go on...

“I keep forgetting that our ways and human ways aren't always the same.”

Uh huh... “I don't get it.”

She pulled away from the crate and flashed me a frown. “Well, honestly, I um...” she looked on the ground. “What I was um...doing was um...” She took a breath and sighed. “Let's just say that in finding a mate, what I was doing was the cheapest and lowest of ways to get one as a female.” She looked up at me with a frown. “And it really hurt my pride but, I like you, I really do, so um...” she looked away, blushing a bit. “...yeah...”

I let out a slow whistle. And I'm actually surprised I could whistle. Yey? Hey, I should cherish the small discoveries as well. Anyway...

She once again took a breath and sighed. “ you know.”

Despite everything, I smiled, stood up, sat beside her, and wrapped a paw behind her neck. “Why don't we start small and see where that'll lead us.” Oh wait... “But you do realize that I'll still want to turn back into a human, right?”

“Y-y-ye...” Wow, she was stammering way too hard.

I chuckled as I let her go. “Like I said though, I just want to avoid hurting you in the future.” I shrugged. “But uh... I guess it wouldn't hurt to try and see where it'll lead us.”

Am I actually going with this? Really?! But the poor gal's been crushing her poor pride and heart just 'cause she likes me. Might as well give her what she wants until her little crush on me dies down, right? But what if it wont? What if it'll grow and grow, like how her smile was growing wider?

“Oh, just f*ck already!” Krys yelled from behind.

My eye twitched as I turned and shot her a glare. “Way to ruin the moment, Krys. And goor morning to you, too.”

I suddenly felt another set of fur brushing on my side until I felt a head nuzzling my neck. I shivered as electric jolts shot up to my spine and made my heart beat sky high. I quickly pushed Vixie away with a paw as I nervously smiled at her confused frown.

“Start small, 'member?” Ugh... I hope I won't regret this...

“Seriously,” Krystal groaned. “Just f—”

“Missy,” I hissed as I glared at her. “When we get back home, I am SOOOO telling your parents!”

She gasped. She glared. “You wouldn't dare!”

I grinned. “Try me.”

She glared some more.

The others looked at each other and shrugged.

“Probably a human thing,” Shock said.

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