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Chapter 45
“Who knew that there are drive-thru's in this world!” I said as the female employee gave the food to Bill through the opened service window.

We were already in Viridian City, and the city just woke up, since the sun just completely risen up from the horizon a couple of minutes ago. I turned and ran to the other side as Saur and the Chikorita grabbed the Pokéfood from the woman with their vines. I climbed up and stared at the other parts of the city.

“I wonder who's running this city's gym...” I whispered to myself as Vixie climbed beside me, and started looking around as well.

“Oi, lovebirds!” Krys called from behind. “You eating or not?”

I huffed and dropped myself back down, Vixie following along. I still think I'm going to regret letting Vixie being all lovey-dovey around me though.

“I'm starting to reconsider getting captured if I get to eat these kinds of food everyday,” Shock said as he ate.

“You and me both,” Fay chirped as Vixie and I joined in.

I didn't even realized that the truck was moving when I noticed that Bill parked in a parking area by a tree. They were probably going to eat as well.

“Ah, yes,” Lais smiled. “Humans may be very weak and fragile, but mostly weak.”

Krys and I gave the bird a glare.

“But they taste good when cooked!”

I almost choked, but Krys wasn't lucky enough.

Lais blinked. “Wait. I think I said that wrong.”

“Ya think?!” Krys hissed, her eyes a bit tearful.

The Murkrow just shrugged and resumed eating.

“It may be delicious,” Saur nodded as he calmly chewed. “But we're not supposed to always eat these kinds of food.”

“They're not healthy,” Chiko added. Damn, I need to know their names once again... “But no harm in eating them from time to time, right?”

“I wouldn't mind eating this stuff all the time,” Shock said.

I smiled at his direction. “Then you'd get fat and can no longer run fast.”

He gave me an arched eyebrow. “Oh? You're just pulling my tail.”

Fay giggled. “Chubby Shocky.”

He shot her a glare. “I am not chubby! And stop calling me that!”

Fay giggled again. “Well, Saury Shocky.”

Shock groaned as Saur and Fay chuckled.

“Good one,” the Bulbasaur said.

Vixie and I chuckled along.

“Jay,” Krystal called, and I blinked at her. She pointed at Vixie, who was beside me, and she then pointed at the Pokémon food, and then she pointed at her opened mouth.

I glared at her.

She rolled her eyes and pointed at Vixie again.

I turned.

Vixie stopped eating and blinked at me.

I turned back to Krystal with a glare.

Krys slowly put a block-like Pokéfood into her mouth.

I glared at her some more.

Krys closed her eyes and sighed. “You're hopeless...” she whispered as she chewed. She then opened her eyes and gestured with her pupils.

I followed the direction and saw Chikorita using her vines to grab a few Pokéfood and feed her Surskit buddy.

I looked back to Krys, and instead to glare, I arched an eyebrow when I saw that she was pouting her bottom-lip.

I gritted my teeth behind my closed mouth as I turned to my other friends. Shock, Fay and Saur were busy chatting among themselves. I turned again. Chikorita and Surskit were in their own world at the moment. I turned to Lais and...who is she talking to? I turned to Krys, her pouty lip was still present.

I sighed and grabbed a block of food with a paw. I turned and stared at Vixie, quietly enjoying the meal. When she noticed that I was looking at her again, she stopped and raised her head to look at me curiously.

“Hm?” she asked.

I shot a quick glare at Krys' direction before I lamely smiled at the Vulpix. I slowly moved the paw with the block so she could notice it.

“Er...want some?”

She blinked at my offering. “Why?” She looked back at our meals. “There's plenty to go around.”

...I turned, feeling a bit disappointed and relieved at the same time, and my eyes were on time to see Krys slapped her forehead with a paw.

“Not sure who's hopeless here...” she groaned as she slid her paw from forehead to chin.

“It's Vixie's first time,” Saur suddenly said. I turned to him, and saw that he was no longer with Shock and Fay's chat circle. Worse, Saur was proudly smiling at me. “Give her time.”

“What are you two talking about?” Vixie asked.

I groaned as I placed a paw behind the Vulpix's head and pushed her back to her meal. “Go back to eating,” I said as Krys shook her head in disapproval and Saur chuckled.

The food was gone after a couple of minutes, and soon, the truck went back to life and started moving again. Lais squawked and flew on top on a crate once again, and fell asleep.

The others kinda grouped themselves into their conversation buddies. Saur and Chikorita plus Surskit, Fay and Shock, and finally, Krys and Vixie.

Saur said something, and the Chikorita just nodded. Fay probably asked something, since Shock looked like he was giving a long explanation about something, complete with paw gestures. Krys was talking to Vixie, while holding a block of food with a paw, and sometimes gesturing at it.

Since everyone seemed busy, I decided to simply watch the scenery. The truck stopped when the traffic light turned red. If it weren't for the fact of how clean this place was, this city wouldn't be any different from the city where I work.

I felt something poking my hind paw. I looked down and saw Vixie staring up at me. Wondering what she wanted, I jumped back down and faced her. And I just now noticed a block of Pokéfood on her mouth.

...and if I'm judging the slight blush on her cheeks, I already do not like where this is going.

She slowly grabbed the block with a paw as her gaze shifted from my eyes to my nose and vice versa. “Would some?”

I just took a breath and sighed through my nostrils. Although it felt kinda late, it still was kinda nice of her to offer, and uh, sweet? But yeah, the fact that it's late...well...

I just flashed her an apologetic smile. “Maybe next time. I'm full now since,” I shrugged, “ya know...we just finished eating?”

Her ears drooped, but she smiled in embarrassment. “Oh, right...”

I faintly heard another paw to face behind me, followed by a quiet groan.

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