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    Real Name: Briar Rose

    Real Age: 16

    Real Gender: Female

    Real Appearance: Briar Rose is 5'4 and weighs around 110lbs. She has a very skinny body type that makes her look rather frail and weak which she is. Briar has tanned skin and deep brown eyes that stand out against her skin-tone. Her mid back length hair is a chocolate brown in color and she normally keeps it up in a ponytail. Clothing wise Briar dresses in a white t-shirt with a black tank top under it and a black leather jacket over it. With it she wears a black pleated skirt with mid-calf high socks and sneakers both also black. Though the thing people notice most about her is her simple wheelchair.

    Personality: Briar is a very sweet and quiet girl. She doesn't have many real friends because most people tend to pity her and she doesn't want peoples pity. It took her awhile but Briar accepted the accident and what happened to her in stride moving on with her life. She's very tough and determined having gone through many challenged over the years but she doesn't give up. One of her favorite things to do is play video games online. When doing that she knows no one has to know she is disabled and people get to know the real Briar Rose instead of pitying her. Above all else Briar is determined and hopeful that someday, somehow she will be able to walk again.

    History: Briar Rose has had a tough life. Born a premature baby she dealt with various health issues early in life. Her immune system was almost nonexistent early in life leading to her spending a lot of time in the hospital with various illnesses. Finally when she was six years old her doctors thought she was finally getting better. The next few years were better for Briar, she wasn't getting sick as much or as bad anymore which meant she got to go to school and start to act like a normal kid. Things changed again when she was 8 years old. Her grandmother was taking her from school to the hospital to go meet her new little brother when they got into an accident that left her grandmother dead and Briar paralyzed from the waist down.

    It took her time but Briar got used to life in a wheelchair, she was told she would probably never walk again and lost the few friends she had because she couldn't stand their pity. But she stayed strong, Briar turned to video games when she started junior high as an outlet. Online she could be whoever she wanted to be and no one could pity her for being paralyzed. When the NerveGear came out Briar begged her parents for one and finally she got one for her birthday. Briar was thrilled with the idea and was hoping in her mind that the NerveGear would allow her to walk in the virtual reality game...and it did. Because of this Briar spends all of her free time playing MAO utilizing her time in game to finally be able to walk again for the first time in 8 years.

    In Game

    Avatar Alias: Aurora

    Avatar Age: 16

    Avatar Gender: Female

    Avatar Appearance: Aurora is 5'4 and 110lbs with tanned skin just like Briar but that is where the similarities end. Aurora has curly golden blonde hair that goes down to the middle of her back and she leaves it down. Her eyes are wide and a bright sky blue in color. Clothing wise Aurora wears a beret that is light pink and two shades of dark pink with a pokeball image on the side. She wears a pink tank top that has a white band of fabric that goes all the way around acting as sleeves that start just past her shoulders on her arms and are about two inches wide. She wears a short circle skirt that is a dark shade of pink at the top and a lighter shade of pink at the bottom. She wears a pair of sneakers that are white, pink, and dark pink and carries around a white backpack.

    MAO Summary: Aurora decided to start in her favorite region, the Hoenn region and choose Fennekin as her starter just because she could. She decided to dedicate most of her first month to training her Fennekin as well as catch some more Pokemon. Within the first week she whited out only once and managed to catch herself a Flabébé. She kept working hard over the first month catching another Flabébé that she traded with another player in return for an Amaura. Her next step was to challenge the first gym led under Roxanne, it took her two tries but Aurora eventually received the Stone badge for her victory. In celebration she went out and caught an Eevee on the last day of her first month before making her way to Dewford Town.

    Starting Region: Hoenn

    First Badge: Stone Badge

    Pokémon Team:

    Female, Blaze, Brave
    Flame Charge | Fire Spin | Psybeam | Heat Wave

    Female, Flower Veil, Gentle
    Vine Whip | Fairy Wind | Razor Leaf | Dazzling Gleam

    Male, Snow Warning, Relaxed
    Powder Snow | Rock Throw | Aurora Beam | Rock Tomb

    Female, Adaptability, Calm
    Tackle | Protect | Dig | Baby-Doll Eyes

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