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Originally Posted by Mokoko View Post
Hey, I've always wanted to be a mod! I tell my sister that. :P Make me a moddie now! >:D

May I be so bold as to suggest an emblem for long VMs? Just read these--I think me and my friend Janske deserve one!

I reckon I need...

Emblem: #1 Fan, because I am a huge FFVII fan! :D

Emblem: Too Much Effort, because I am the laziest VMer out there. xD

Emblem: iStalker, because I stalk everyone... >_> Also give one to Blade_of_Darkness and ShadowE. :D
One of the cardinal rules to emblems, is to not be blatant in saying you want emblems. There's only four requestable emblems:

1. Community Supporter
2. Committed
3. PC Veteran
4. It's Your Birthday**

Otherwise, they're given out at moderator discretion.

**Only on your birthday, obviously. This one is give and take, not everyone will give it out I think.