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    Alright, that gives me:


    Genesect is allowed as long as I keep its original typing Bug/Steel right?

    Alright, Progress Update, Number 1!

    I hacked in all but eevee, I will un box one every time I beat a gym, but will start with shinx

    I first trained up Shinx a bit on route 19 then headed to Floccesy town.
    Shinx, level 6
    I met up with Alder then headed to route 20 to train a bit more then over to Floccesy Ranch.
    Shinx, level 8
    I entered the ranch and battled Hugh, bit of a struggle but came out in a victory and Shinx level up.
    Shinx, level 9
    I trained Shinx up against the trainers in the farm the headed over to the team plasma grunt who ended up giving me TM21 Frustration and running away.
    Shinx, level 11
    I go back to floccesy town, heal up then head to Alders to get some extra training so I can take on the first gym.
    Shinx, level 12
    After the battle Shinx leveled up and I headed out to go to aspertia city after the medal guy gave a medal case. After I was given it I head over to aspertia town to gain my first badge. On the way alder surprised me again and gave me some oran berries. These would come in handy!
    Shinx, level 14
    I got through the Battle with 1 hp left for Shinx after Cherens lillipup landed a critical hit, taking him from full health, down to one. Great! Now I've got the basic badge, and a new team member! I go to the pc, and pick out Rufflet. Not a bad choice, with the second gym being poison.

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