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Chapter 47
Krystal and I agreed to split into two groups: my friends and I, and her friends and herself. That way, we could cover more ground, and it'll make her be away for a while to stop giving Vixie some advice.

The usual, I stayed behind our small group. The unusual, Vixie walked beside me. It was a bit annoying at first, but the feeling of annoyance immediately disappeared when Vixie and I noticed Shock was in the middle of our group, Saur and Fay leading on the front. It was strange, since Shock was always the one leading our little group. What was worrying was that his ears were drooped.

Vixie and I shared a troubled and worried look. Strange that we could almost communicate just by making eye contact.

‘What's up with Shock?’

‘No clue... And I'm worried about him.’

‘Yeah, same here...’

‘Should we ask him?’

I shrugged. ‘He'll just tell us that he's fine.’

Vixie sighed. ‘You're right...’

We then looked ahead, and turned left after Fay and Saur spotted a bunch of Weedles by a stream.

“Hi!” Fay chirped as we arrived.

The Weedles, all four of them, turned and immediately sprayed sticky strings at us. I yelped and turned, but I slipped and couldn't move. I heard sparks and fire, and painful yelps soon followed, and then splashes of water.

“You okay?” Vixie asked with a worried frown as she leaned her head too close to mine, our noses almost touching.

“Yeah,” I said as I heard Saur and Shock helping Fay out from the webs. “Can't move, though...” I tried to move, but I found my paws locked on my sides.

Vixie grinned at me. “I could keep you like this forever.”

I glared at her.

“Is it just me,” Bill's voice echoed comfortably on my ear from the earphones. “Or does that Vulpix like you?”

“Bill said hi,” I groaned as Vixie used her nails to cut the strings around me.

“That sure is helpful,” Shock groaned as I shook myself.

I turned and blinked as I noticed the absence of the worms. “Where are those creeps?”

“Fled,” Saur said. “They jumped to the water.”

“It's common for wild Pokémon to attack humans,” Bill's voice made me lose my attention on my friends who were currently discussing the next course of action. “But it's weird for them to attack other Pokémon.”

“Survival of the fittest, I guess,” I shrugged. I accidentally caught my friends' attentions, and I smiled back at them. “Sorry. Was talking to Bill.” I then touched my collar.

“Ah,” Shock said. “Forgot about that thing on you...”

“What a bunch of meanie Weedles!” Fay kicked the grassy ground with an angry pout.

Saur just patted her shoulder with a paw as Vixie and Shock turned to me.

We then heard flapping noises from above. We looked up and saw two Pidgeys about to fly by.

“Oh!” Fay chirped, waving both front paws at them as she sat on her bum. “Hey! Hey!”

The Pidgeys were about to fly by, but one of them hovered on a spot and looked at us.

“We're friendly,” Vixie shouted. “We just want to ask some questions!”

The Pidgey hovered in the air, probably thinking things through. The bird sighed and slowly landed on the other side of the stream.

“If this is a trick,” the Pidgey glared at us, his voice sounded young. “I swear, I'm going to—”

“Look,” Shock interrupted. “We just want to know about the gathering.”

The Pidgey's angry features disappeared as he blinked.

“We're kinda late, so we're hoping to know what it was about.”

“The gathering?” the bird blinked again. His brows then furrowed as he glared at us. “Are you trying to trick me or something?”

Shock and I groaned.

“Just,” I said slowly, “go away if you don't know anything about it.”

“Thanks for wasting my time then!” the Pidgey shouted as he extended his wings, but he yelped and immediately fled when Shock fired a thin bolt of electricity at him.

“I didn't know Pokémon could be so mean,” Bill's voice echoed in my ear. “What an eye-opener.”

“An update of Krys' group would be more useful, Bill, rather than your obvious observations,” I deadpanned as I stared on the stream, my friends turning to me.

“Oh, right, right,” Bill said, and I could almost hear his sheepish smile. “I'll get back to you.” And then I heard a soft clicking sound from the earphone.

“So?” Shock asked. “Anything?”

I shrugged. “Bill's still asking her.”

“I see,” the Pikachu replied simply, looking around. “Didn't know the Pokémon living here could be so...” he trailed off.

Vixie and I shared a confused look before turning back to him.

“But...” I said, “don't you live here?”

Shock shook his head. “Green Forest is a big place, you know.”

“Ah,” was my only reply.

“I don't live on these parts of the forest.” He turned and headed north, walking close to the stream.

The others and I followed him, this time, Shock was leading the way, Fay and Saur in the middle, and Vixie and I following behind.

“Jay?” Vixie whispered.


“Can we walk together?”

I gave her a deadpanned look. “We already are.”

“Yep,” Bill's voice echoed on my ear. “She likes you.”

I ignored him as Vixie chuckled. “I know but...” She suddenly closed the gap between us, and I could actually feel her fur against mine, sending shivering jolts to my spine. “I this.” She sighed softly and leaned her head on my neck.

“Confirmed,” I heard Bill smirked.

I kinda can't picture how awkward the two of us would look like this while walking. And her weight was making me turn to the side, so I had no choice but to apply some force back to balance things out.

“Bill,” I said, my eye twitched slightly, “shut up. An update, please?”

“Kinda weird how Jay's talking to himself all the time, huh?” Fay chuckled.

While Bill was talking, Saur turned his head and blinked at the two of us, and then smirked. “Someone's enjoying some sweet time.”

I glared at him. “If you're jealous, go get a mate of your own.”

“Does that mean Vixie's your mate now?” Shock turned with a teasing grin.

Vixie suddenly purred as she slowly rubbed her head on my neck and cheeks, making me blush.

I took a calm breath and sighed. “Bill said that Krys' group found a lead. They're on their way to the said location to confirm.”

Saur and Shock stopped and turned to fully look at me.

“I thought we're suppose to only ask about what was talked about?” Vixie asked, thankfully returning my personal space.

“Yah,” Fay nodded. “Unless Krysie's group asked someone who just heard about it, but never actually attended.”

Shock and Saur stared at the smiling Rattata, while I just blinked at her.

“Um... Bill said yes,” I slowly nodded. “And yes, Bill. She's as weird as hell.”

We suddenly heard faint noises from the lines of trees. We slowly followed the sound. As we got closer, the sound got louder and more detailed. There was a fight, and there was a voice.

“Use Ember!” a young male's voice said.

“Right,” another voice, much younger, replied, and was followed by sounds of fire.

There was a screech of pain, and as my friends and I took a peak behind the line of bushes, we saw a young human trainer throwing a Pokéball at a beaten and burned Spearow.

The Spearow glowed red as the Pokéball hit it and floated in the air, and then the red-glowing Spearow was absorbed by the Pokéball.

I shivered involuntarily as the memories of what it felt like being inside one came back to me.

“Oh my gosh, an Eevee!” a young feminine voice shouted excitedly from behind us.

I yelped and turned to see a young teenaged girl staring at us with star-sparkling eyes.

“Zap her!” I yelped.

“On it,” Shock said, his cheeks sparked.

A torrent of water struck him, pushing him hard on a tree and knocking the air out of his lungs.

“Shock!” We shouted in unison.

“Bubbles!” the girl exclaimed. “You missed! How could you miss?!”

I turned and saw the Squirtle scratching his head as he looked at his angry trainer. “So you wanted to get zapped instead?”

“Whoa! You're right!” I gasped and turned my head up, and my vision was filled with a smiling teenaged boy. W-weren't these the trainers we saw back in Route 1? “This Eevee's mi—” He blinked, and suddenly, his eyes rolled back and he fell beside me, snoring.

Um...what just happened?

“What did you do?!” a Charmander leaped out from the sleeping boy, his claws glowed white.

“Eek!” the teenaged girl shrieked. “That Bulbasaur's using sleep powder!”

Vixie and I jumped back before the Charmander's claws could hit us. The earth shook slightly, and Fay came out from the ground underneath the yelping Charmander, pushing him up in the air. Her tail glowed and she turned while in mid-air, slapping her tail on the Charmander's cheeks, and throwing him towards the yelping Squirtle.

“Eep!” the young female trainer pulled out a Pokéball and threw it in the air. “Hearts! Help me!”

A blob of energy came out from the opened Pokéball, and it materialized on the ground, into a female Nidoran. She looked ready to battle, but she then blinked and dropped her stance.

“H-hey!” the Nidoran said. “I know you!”

“Use double kick!” the trainer commanded as she turned to the rising Squirtle. “Bubbles, use water gun again!”

Vixie and I jumped on opposite directions before the torrent of water could hit us. Fay quickly ran towards the turtle, but jumped back before fumes of fire could hit her. I jumped once again to dodge another water gun, and I bumped into the blinking Nidoran.

“I DO know you!” she smiled. “We met outside that human town a few days ago!”

“Hearts! What are you doing?!” the trainer angrily stomped her foot on the ground. “We're being attacked! And...uh...” she suddenly smiled goofily as she slowly fell back on the ground, snoring.

Her underwear's white. I couldn't help it if she collapsed right in front of me.

“Pervert,” Bill's voice echoed. “Concentrate on the battle!”

I gulped and turned to the blinking Nidoran. “You're trainer whited out—” I don't even know what that means. “—so you can't fight without her orders!”

“Is that how it works?” she blinked at me as I heard growling noises from behind.

“No!” I turned and saw the Squirtle and Charmander glaring and growling at Fay and Vixie. “They can still hurt our trainers!”

Suddenly, two vines wrapped around Fay and Vixie, dragging them back to Saur. “We're leaving,” he simply said while helping Shock up, who was leaning on him.

“Let's get outta here,” Shock whispered as he and Saur began to move back to where we came from.

Vixie and I kept an eye on the trainers' Pokémon as we retreated. Once we were on a safer distance, we both let out a tense breath and followed the trio.

“Wow, Shockie,” Fay chirped walking beside him. “You went down with just one water gun! Talk about lame!”

His ears drooped.


...shouldn't he be angry with that kind of remark? Or at least, since she called him with a nickname?

“Shock?” Vixie called. “Are you okay?”

Nothing... Even Fay began to look worried.

Vixie and I shared a worried look as I ignored Bill's directions of where Krystal's group was.

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