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    This is the second time this thread's gone inactive (since my joining it, anyway) so buckle up, I guess. Looks like not much activity is bustling up because the 'dex seems to have lost much direction, really. I guess we've got to plan out our legendaries then.

    Originally Posted by Magistrum View Post
    I guess I could do BSTs and stat spreads, but not right away since I'm preoccupied with making Pokedex entries and movepools on my own fakemon project lol. I'll let you know when I can.

    A good tip though is looking through bulbapedia's list of base stats to get a feel of the whole thing. A few pointers could be observed through this. Based on the data of Gen 1 and Gen V pokemon (since those generations' number of added pokemon are the closest to your target number of fakemons):
    - About 20+ non-legend, non-pseudolegend pokemon with 500+ BST would be optimal
    - 1 Pokemon that exceeds 540 BST. If its BST is on the tier of Archeops or higher, you can add a crippling ability to it. Otherwise you could opt for 545-560 BST like Arcanine's or Volcarona's.
    - 1 Pseudolegend line (600 BST), although you could opt for 2 lines if you want, like gen 3's Metagross+Salamence.
    - Early rodent, early bird, early bug(s)-- these 3 families are staples of a pokedex. Lately there have been early canines and early felines too, though they are optional. These families usually have low to mediocre BST, with early rodents having an average of 410-420 BST, early birds having 470-480 BST, etc.

    - A Legend Trio with 580 BST each. Although another option is to add a "Trio Leader" that has 600 BST like on the case of Keldeo/Landorus.
    - "Event" Legend 1: A 600-BST "event" legend with 100 stats across the board. Examples are Mew, Manaphy, Celebi and Jirachi, among others.
    - "Event" Legend 2: They are 600 BST legends that do not have 100 base stats across the board, but are still "event" legends since they require additional effort to capture. Usually obtained after beating Elite 4 in pokemon games. Examples are [email protected], Genesect, Darkrai, and Heatran among others.
    - "Cover" Legends (The ones that represent the a game version's Main Legend)- usually 670-680 BST. You could have 2 or 3, but do take note that each of them have no stats lower than base 90.
    - Optional: An "Overlegend" that exceeds 680 BST, like Arceus(720)/Kyurem B(700)/Kyurem W(700).

    Hope that helps! :)

    PS: This is a spreadsheet of my own fakemon project, which you can use for cross-referencing and sparking ideas :) It isn't finished yet on the pokedex entries part though (species name/height weight/flavor text).
    Dude, you're awesome. You understand these sets way better than I ever did, so whatever you say is what I follow. Once again, totally right and I guess I'd start working on the stats (if Sunfished is busy and stuff, I'll document them too) and get this project back in line. Let's do this!
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