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    I'm sorry for my last thread, why I hate rhydon. it was in the right forum but I thought it was in the wrong forum so I cut n pasted it to the wrong forum and then it was moved to the right forum and then there was 2 titles.

    But anyway Ruby was my first game, sometimes I look back on so many memories I had on that game. My overleveled Blaziken that could sweep any NPC in 1 hit and my severly underleveled rest of my team. Me not being able to defeat the elite 4 because of PP (It was actully to do with having only 2 Pokemon a Blaziken and a Groudon) Yeah I was so noobish I could even defeat the elite 4 with Groundon

    Anyway when I'm scrolling through my memories one particular event comes to mind, the shiny Chinchou. Well I was doing the Deep Sea Tooth, Deep Sea Scale sidequest and thought I would try and catch some Pokemon on the way. I caught a Clamperl and 1 standard Chinchou and then....

    I found a shiny Chinchou I was over the moon, I weakend it and went to my Pokeballs pocket and Id run out of Pokeballs

    Share some of your storys on this thread, I would love to hear them
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