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    New SU:

    Real Life Name: Jade Lisanna Eier
    In-game name: Lacy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Country: The Netherlands
    Status: Player


    Personality: Jade is generally a very kind girl with a pure heart. Seeing animals in pain hurts her inside and she's very sensitive, however, she also has a very strong side. Jade isn't one to act immature, she actually acts pretty mature just like her older sister. Jade is the kind of girl who would put someone elses needs before hers. She can't take it if you bad-mouth her older sister since she looks up to her. While Patricia has a happy-go-lucky personality, Jade has a calm one who thinks before she acts.

    Jade is usually the damsel in distress but tries to change herself so that her sister doesn't have to get hurt anymore while protecting her. Jade isn't a good fighter like her sister but it's obvious that she's trying her best even though she fails sometimes. Jade stands up after falling down and isn't one to give up easily unless the trial is too big for her to overcome. While Jade seems to be a very encouraging girl, she also has her insecurities. She often worries if her fighting style is good enough to be able to help her sister out. Jade also often teases Patricia with her appearence since she has the similarities of a certain game character.

    History: Jade has looked up to her older sister ever since she was young. They spend a lot of time together and have a very good bond with each other. Jade felt guilty when her sister got badly hurt after protecting her and tried to take distance from her by getting a part-time job and by doing school activities. Jade even had a boyfriend without her sister knowing but broke up with him when he cheated on her. At the end it was for the better that Patricia didn't For Jade this didn't work at all since she still looked up to her sister like she always had done.

    Jade often found her older sister play games and decided to give it a try when Sword Art Online came out. They bought the game together and shared a character with the name "Lucina" which Jade give her to tease Patricia. Jade didn't use the character as much as her sister did because she had a part-time job. Jade did try to play it as much as possible though but in the end she turned out to be a fairly poor fighter.

    Though, the happy times were soon taken away. Jade came home from her part-time job one day and found her parents sitting next to her older sister's bed. She read the e-mail that was send to them and soon understood that her older sister was caught inside the game until they cleared the 100th floor. Trying to remove the NerveGear would fry her brains and dying inside the game would fry her brains as well. Jade got angry but knew that her sister would survive anyway.

    After a few weeks of waiting Jade decided that it was taking too long and illegally got the game and bought a new NerveGear. Jade knew it would sadden her parents if she got inside the game as well but did it anyway. Now she's searching for her older sister inside the game of death while trying to improve her fighting skills as well. She stayed up a lot of nights to get to the level that she's now and tried to improve her sewing skill too so that she could make her own armor which is mainly black with golden at the moment.

    • - Sewing
    • - Detection
    • - Delay
    • - One Handed Straight Sword
    Sword arts:
    • Orchid uppercut
      Jade holds her sword besides her head and stabs her sword at her opponent three times when it turns Orchid purple before doing an uppercut.
    • Black Howl
      Jade holds her sword in front of her and slashes at her opponent with it when it turns black. After that she slashes another two times and stabs through the chest with her sword. This sword art can only be used when her HP bar gets in the yellow zone.
    Level: 15
    Code: Link Start!
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