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    Originally Posted by darkredwing View Post
    I like Rosalie, she's got that cute little innocent look to her. I assume she's the daughter/grand daughter of the Professor but do you have any additional background on her? I'd be interested in reading it. I also like your Nurse Joy design, feels a bit refreshing to get her into something different once in awhile. Considering that it's not your strong suit you're still quite skilled at drawing people and it will improve over time as you do more of it.

    As for your Fakemon I like a lot of your designs, the Centini and Nanite lines are my favorites. I'd enjoy seeing more of your work in the future.
    Thank you! There's not really that much to Rosalie, since she's about 8. She's Thornwood's granddaughter, and follows him around to make sure he stays out of trouble because her grandmother asked her to keep an eye on him. Problem is, he runs faster than she does because of his long legs and unusual amount of energy so she gets left behind a lot.

    Nanite is one of my favorites as well.
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