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Originally Posted by johnnykenny1234 View Post
hey guys, im new

my old gold version line up. unfortunatly i went off pokemon for a bit and stupidly traded them to crystal version... which i later deleted

all were trained with no rare candys

gyrados 90
dragonite 91
aerodactyl 97
charizard 100
kingdra 100
dragonite 100

imo was a very very good team (all dragon, as you can see)
Nice! You're like Lance, only better.

My Red team was:

Mewtwo 100
Articuno 100
Zapdos 100
Alakazam 86
Gengar 80
Charizard 63

My poor Charizard didn't get a lot of use late in the game. Being a noob at the time, I screwed it up by teaching it strength and cut. I think Fire, Ice, Psychic, Ghost,Poison and Electric moves are the coolest looking, thus my rational for the team. Not to mention Charmander was my starter, and the rest are some of the strongest Pokemon in the game.

I never owned any of the Game Boy games except Red until I got back into Pokemon like a year ago (though I did play Stadium 1 & 2 before I got a Game Boy) and rapidly acquired all of the other Game Boy Pokemon games (disappointingly, many of the Gen 2 had dead batteries, but I got them replaced. My first Crystal worked, while second time was the charm with silver and third time the charm with Gold.), so my GSC team is still a work in progress.

Dragonite 71 (Yellow)
Noctowl 45
Dewgong 54
Lugia 46
Charizard 74 (Red, deleted HM moves using Gold)
Moltres 50 (Yellow)

I eventually want to make the team all Gen 2, but some of my favorite Gen 2's are still low level (eg Steelix, Umbreon, Stantler, Ariados), and some I haven't gotten yet (Scizor, Espeon [working on upping the friendship of another Evee], Tyranitar, Blissey, Ho-Oh).
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