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    Haven't done an update in awhile so might as well do a bulk update on my wurmple run before I forget what order the pictures go in...

    SO! I beat Roxanne as I previously stated in the last update!

    Then of course that devon dude lost his "goods" again as they were yet again taken by a team aqua member so I went to that cave with all those whismurs and challenged the team aqua dude and got back the "goods" and peecko and I became friends with that old dude whose name escapes me.

    I was then given the task to send that letter to Steven and the package to Slateport, I was also given the Pokenav!!

    I then talked to the elderly man with the boating skills and set sail for dewford!

    I arrived in dewford and decided to see how hard the gym leader could possibly be with my overleveled wurmple. I failed because of his stupid Makuhita and bulk-up but it wasn't the end of the world. I decided to just go ahead and deliver the letter to Steven but along the way I discovered a new threat, greater than anything team magma or team aqua or even the champion could throw my way... and it was an Aron. Aron proved to be the essence of evil as my tackle was 4x resisted and my poison sting did absolutely nothing.

    Anyways after delivering the letter I did a ton of training, money making and item hoarding (dire hits, attack ups, potions etc.) and challenged the gym leader.

    He was much easier with the items and levels! And this time I won with 34 health left :D
    I now have obtained the Knuckle Badge!

    So with everything done there I went to slateport city to deliver the goods! So I challenged team aqua defeated them with my wurmple and got the goods to Captain Stern! I was then greeted by Scott and we registered eachother in our pokenavs.

    I then made the walk to Mauville city which I thought would be a piece of cake but it wasn't. First of all, one of the first trainers you find has a Aron so I had to avoid him and secondly I had to fight May...
    And gosh was she strong and I lost many times, but eventually after hoarding items I was able to defeat her, thank goodness =_=
    Along the way to Mauville city I also got to level 30!!

    So finally I got to Mauville city where I went to challenge the gym leader. Outside the gym however was Wally who challenged me to a battle also, this one however was about 100x easier than May.

    Then after that wierdo was outta the way I challenged the gym leader, and as it always happens... I lost. So I went back to grinding and item hoarding. Eventually I challenged him again!

    Still intensely hard but I pulled through and won and got the Dynamo Badge!

    I then made my way along the following routes and eventually came across Fallarbor town, nothing really interesting happened besides that on route 113 there was a kid with an Aron who I forgot to avoid and had to fight.

    So I went through route 114 where I met Lanette

    And of course there was someone with Aron as well but I avoided them.
    So I went to Meteor Falls where team magma and team aqua met and conversation began.

    And of course the meteorite was stolen.
    So I went back, and went on the lift (One of my favorite parts in the game!)

    And when I got to the top I had to face a bunch of team magma grunts, which isn't good because they have fire types and Wurmple is allergic to fire types. And during these fights I reached level 40!!

    But after struggling to get through those grunts I came across Magma Admin Tabitha who I had to fight.

    Tabitha wasn't too hard but the worst had yet to come...

    I lost basically...
    So yet again I had to hoard items and by the time I was done I probably had at least 5 atk ups and def ups, a guard spec for mightyena and his annoying sand attack and a dire hit in hope of crits...

    So I challenged him and after a couple more tries I succeeded!

    And that is where I left off... I knew what was about to happen, the next gym leader... *shudders* fire type... ugh... doom.