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    Originally Posted by BadPokemon View Post
    I loved the starters! The water type one was my favorite! The final evolution of the grass type is ok, though. I liked the jungle idea, too. I thought most of the designs were great! The legendaries were cool. Keep up the good work!
    Thank you! Raptide is a pretty neat little Pokemon. It's line has the ability Slick Skin.

    Originally Posted by LoudSilence View Post
    Whoa, the level of dedication you've put into this is crazy! You've got some really unique designs, and your art is great to boot (I'd love a Kin Ball in the real would be great if it worked only when that Pokemon's "kin" was actually in the lead of your party). Have you ever considered making this whole thing a reality?

    Keep up the awesome work!
    That would be a neat idea for the Kin Ball. I might just do that.

    I have considered making this real, but I'm not a very good spriter. I also discovered that GameFreak has no public email, sadly.
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