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    Name: Adelaide Victoria Cairon Nickname: Addie

    Age: 19 Gender: Female




    Adelaide is a very thoughtful and studious young woman. She tends to stay in the background in daily life, just observing people not interacting much until she sees fit. But she prefers it that way. Adelaide is incredibly quiet, though that is due to the vow of silence she pledged. By her own choice she has made a vow of silence and has kept to not breaking it once. One of the most important things to Adelaide is keeping her word. She will never make a promise she can't keep and she will never break it.

    Adelaide won't be silent forever though. She feels like she has sinned and shamed her family, thus the vow of silence was made. The last words she's spoke before the vow were telling her family she would speak again once the wrong she made is righted. She is very determined in her goals, thinking things through before she does them. Adelaide will never rush right into a fight. She'll pause, be cautious, get a feel for her enemy before she acts.


    Adelaide was born the first of five children in a small village that in the very distant future would be Floaroma Town. Her father Fredrick was a knight stationed in the village along with several others as protection from the dangers of the world outside. Adelaide's mother Flora worked with the other women in the town to take care of the children and the fields while the men hunted in the woods. Life was good for her, as she grew older Adelaide grew more into the faith the spiritual leaders of the village had and was also given responsibilities looking after the children with the older kids. Another one of Adelaide's duties was to watch over a heirloom that was very sacred to the village, an old staff said to have spiritual powers. Some in the village were skeptical, including her family but Adelaide believed.

    Things changed in the village when Adelaide was 15 years old. Her father and the other knights weren't near the village and bandits attack them. Adelaide was torn between protecting the staff, or following orders to protect the children. She finally saw no choice but to do as ordered even though she wanted to follow her duty to protect the staff. In the end no one was hurt, but what little food they had stored was taken, along with the staff. Distraught and sure that she had shamed herself and her family Adelaide swore a vow of silence. The last words she spoke where telling her family and the village elder that she would not say a word until she retrieved the staff. Shortly after this event her father gifted her with an Abra and sent her away for training as a knight. She pushed herself and worked hard developing a way to communicate without words through signs and hand gestures. Four years later Adelaide left her training and returned to her village armed with knowledge of fighting, a Kadabra at her side. She also obtained a book that she filled with the signs she used to communicate. Within two months of returning to the village, and trying to search for the bandits who had stolen the staff she was summoned to the castle by a friend of her fathers and set off with him to meet her summons, pausing in her efforts to locate the bandits.

    Pokémon Species:


    Pokémons Level:


    Pokémons Moves:

    Teleport, Confusion, Psybeam, Fire Punch

    Pokémons Personality:

    Kadabra is very protective of Adelaide. The two have a strong bond from the years of training and he has grown used to the ways she communicates. It's all he's ever known from her. Kadabra doesn't take kindly to those insulting her either or trying to harm her and will be swift in his defense of her. He is also intelligent for a Pokemon, he has the capabilities for telepathy but only rarely uses it he prefers to communicate using the same signs and gestures used by Adelaide.




    Pokémon and the past are fun


    Adelaide always has the book full of the signs and gestures she uses to show to new people. Eventually she will talk but it will be awhile before she ends the vow of silence.

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