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    Originally Posted by JanickGers View Post
    Well, I personally enjoyed Emerald a lot. If you are going to play the Hoenn Region it should be your first choice, since it has a bunch of features that neither Ruby nor Sapphire have.
    Fire Red and Leaf Green are also great, plus they bring back a lot of memories (sniff).

    Yeah Emerald had some more features then Leaf green and Fire red and R\S we can make secret bases which we can't in LG\FR and we can go to Battle frointer which is much bigger larger and great then FR\LG. And we can do many thing in emerald like We can match call to someone (Well match call replaced with VS Creeker in LG\FR) And we can call anyone by the Pokenav. And we also can participate in Poke Contest which we can't in LG\FR and but in the graphical way LG & FR Will beat E\S\R But in feature's race Emerald will beat every game in gen 3.

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