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    Kalo is based on France that represent Beauty & Love.
    So If Ash ever suppose to have a Harem then this is the right region !!
    Some of you might say that Ash already have a Harem but those girl lives world apart from each other So you can't enjoy it.
    I like to see what happen when there is atleast 3 girl in one series that love's Ash.
    That would make the show interesting .
    Current if They simply show Serena alone crushing on Ash then soon it will get boring.
    Here are the candidates -

    -Serena , Childhood friend

    -Rival , A wealthy girl with similar personality as Ash's Snivy .

    -A popular pop-Idol who leaving secret live as a challenger.

    -A flirt girl like Green (Pokespe) who usually flirt with Ash.

    -A Rich girl like Plantina (Pokespe) who like to experience different thing.

    -A prodigy & idol who act like ''Innocent Cutesy Girl'' outside but inside she is a sadistic with foulmouthed.
    The True Beauty of Anime

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